Election Endorsements

The failed policies of President Barack Obama and his parliamentary style of governance has destroyed the Democratic Party and caused an economic seizure in America that threatens the stability of the currency.  No one knows what the tax rate will be in two months and the cost of the health control bill keeps growing. 

No one can purchase, hire or invest if future costs cannot be reasonably
anticipated.  Thus the only remedy is to immediately reverse the
monetary policy of the United States Government.  We must change our government and we can according to the Constitution by our vote.  When you go to the polls this Tuesday, vote for America.

For United States Senator

Dr. Tom Coburn is, without dispute, the most widely respected elected representative on the ballot.  His conservative principles have been demonstrated time and again against blistering attacks by the “government gone wild” crowd.  Sen. Coburn investigates waste and has stood against his own party in defense of the Constitution.  Tulsa Today strongly supports Dr. Tom Coburn’s reelection.

For United States Representative

District 1

Republican John Sullivan works well within Congress to move conservative policy forward.  He is a good team player and while not a national spokesman, Oklahomans can depend on Sullivan to stand for limited constitutional government, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility.  Sullivan is challenged by Leftist Lawyer, Angelia O’Dell.  Tulsa Today endorses Rep. John Sullivan.

District 2

Democrat Dan Boren fails to chart a different path for Democrats beyond self-preservation.  He did oppose Obamacare, but only because his district was enraged by the legislation. (We know national health care in Oklahoma – it’s called Indian Heath Care and it has been in disturbingly poor practice for decades.)  During a Tulsa Today interview, he seemed to recommend former SEIU President Andy Stern’s position on the Debt Commission.  (That is a lot like having Al Capone on a banking committee.)  Boren’s first votes have supported his party leadership and apparently he knew from the beginning that President Obama intended to destroy Oklahoma’s Oil and Gas Industry.  Click here to read the Boren interview.

Opposing Boren in this race, Dr. Charles Thompson served our country honorably in the United States Army for over two decades.  He successfully operated a veterinary hospital, and understands the difficulties facing small business owners.  Thompson is adamantly opposed to government-run healthcare, TARP, Cap & Trade and the bailouts.  Thompson has been a good campaigner in many appearances throughout the district.  Although he lacks the funding and organization the Boren family and friends bring to the effort, passionate deep anger with President Obama could win this race.  Tulsa Today endorses Dr. Charles Thompson.


Outside of our immediate media market, Tulsa Today endorses; Republicans Frank Lucas in District 3 and James Lankford in District 5.


For Governor

Oklahoma will elect a woman governor for the first time in history.  Democrat Jari Askins recently said she is not a national Democrat, but an Oklahoma “God fearing,” and “flag waving” Democrat which begs the question of what this long, loyal party member really thinks of her national party.  Desperate last minute political rhetoric aside, Democrats controlled Oklahoma for 100 years in which citizens observed great natural wealth (oil revenues) squandered to the point that now Oklahoma is poor, broke and facing horrendous public pension pressures about to explode.

Republican Mary Fallin, in contrast, has a long history as a conservative (in contrast to Askins recently claimed conversion) with legislative and executive service demonstrating her intelligence, strong work ethic, and honor.  Mary Fallin is the best choice.  Tulsa Today endorses Mary Fallin for Governor.

For Lieutenant Governor

Republican Todd Lamb has been articulate, intelligent, studious, and honorable in service to Oklahoma.  As Lt. Gov. Lamb will be a good spokesman and daily worker for the state and its people.  Tulsa Today endorses Todd Lamb for Lt. Governor.


State Auditor and Inspector

Democrat Steve Burrage was appointed to the office by Gov. Brad Henry and now seeks to keep the job.  His handling of the school district audits especially of the Broken Arrow School District should be reason enough to reject Burrage.  Gary Jones has been successful as a county commissioner and as the Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party which is a more thankless task than many realize.  Jones directed the FBI to the information that put former Auditor Jeff McMahan and his wife in prison.  He likes to look for the devil in the details.  Tulsa Today strongly endorses Gary Jones for State Auditor and Inspector.


For Attorney General

Scott Pruitt is perfect for Oklahoma Attorney General.  He is an articulate communicator with a well developed intellect, fundamentally and ideologically conservative.  As a law student, he interned with the Ruthford Institute, one of America’s first Christian Civil Liberties legal ministries formed to do battle against the ACLU.  Republican Pruitt is a "states rights" advocate and is committed to forming a department to challenge unconstitutional mandates by the federal government.  Tulsa Today endorses Scott Pruitt for Attorney General.


For State Treasurer

Ken Miller faces Stephen Covert in this race.  Republican Miller was first elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2004 and he is currently serving his third term.  Miller serves as Chair of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Lipscomb University, a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University and a doctorate through the department of economics at the University of Oklahoma.  Given the difficult economic challenges facing the state, Miller will need that training and experience.  Tulsa Today endorses Ken Miller for State Treasurer.


For Superintendent of Public Instruction

One of the most significantly powerful political lobbies in Oklahoma is the education establishment that demands money while resisting reform.  Republican Janet Barresi is the only candidate in the race, in our opinion, that really cares about children and a good education for them rather than continually supporting under-performing systems.  Earlier in the year when speaking to members of the Oklahoma Educational Association, she stood her ground and told them truth they didn’t want to hear.  She was strongly opposed in founding two charter schools and remains dedicated to competition in state school systems.  Tulsa Today endorses Janet Barresi for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

For Commissioner of Labor

The incumbent Commissioner of Labor, Democrat Lloyd Fields has proven himself a corrupt, angry and frequently drunk example of why and how the “Gene Stipe” brand of good-old-boy Democrats destroy their own credibility.  Challenging Fields is Republican Mark Costello, a businessman.  Costello has been a business owner for over 25 years, has created countless jobs and paid tens of millions of dollars in payroll.  He has a common sense free market approach, is a self described Constitutionalist and he has a sense of humor – he plays guitar rather than steals them (click here if you don’t know the story).  Tulsa Today endorses Mark Costello for Commissioner of Labor. 


For Insurance Commissioner

Incumbent Commissioner Kim Holland is a long-time Democrat hack and a 2008 floor delegate for President Obama likely to support his health control bill if reelected.  Republican John Doak supports lowering the cost of insurance through open markets and fair competition.  Doak opposes federal mandates.  He has joined a federal lawsuit against Obamacare.  Tulsa Today endorses John Doak for Insurance Commissioner.

For Tulsa County Assessor

Incumbent Ken Yazel often promotes himself as a conservative, but each year increases property tax assessments to the maximum of five percent.  If that is conservative then what is the difference from liberal?  For this reason and his frequently angry inaccurate rhetoric, which many believe is simply a cover for raising property assessments, we cannot endorse Republican Ken Yazel.  However, his opponent Democrat Nancy Bolzle provides no reason to vote for her.  Tulsa Today makes no endorsement for Tulsa County Assessor.

For County Commissioner District No. 1

Incumbent John Smaligo has worked hard for his district and Tulsa County.  He is often the voice of reason in debate and works well with the other commissioners.  Tulsa Today endorses John Smaligo for County Commissioner District No. 1.

Additional Local Races:  Office and endorsed candidates

For District Judge

District No. 14 – Office No. 9

John M. Eagleton

District No. 14 – Office No. 13

Bill Musseman

District No. 14 – Office No. 14

John R. Patton

For State Senate

District 10

Eddie Fields

District 18

Kim David

State Representative

District 29

Skye NcNeil

District 30

Mark E. McCullough

District 36

Sean Roberts

District 66

Jadine Nollan

District 68

Glen Mulready

District 71

Daniel S. Sullivan

District 72

Seneca D. Scott

District 78

Molly McKay

State Questions:

State Question No. 744
School funding by constitutional amendment regardless of other budget considerations and dependent on what other states spend.     AGAINST THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 746

Shall voters be required to show a valid document proving their identity?     FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 747

Limiting term for statewide offices.     FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 748

This measure expands the size and revises the method of apportionment to include both political parties in the process.    FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 750

Would change the number of signatures required for either an initiative or referendum petition to a percentage of votes cast in the most recent gubernatorial election rather than a percentage of the number of votes cast in the most recent presidential election.  This should make the process easier for such an initiative.       FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 751

Designates English the official language of the State of Oklahoma (exception for tribal languages).  It requires all official business of the state to be conducted in English.     FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 752

Reduces the power of the Oklahoma Bar Association in the selection of candidates for placement on various courts of Appeal. Those courts being the State Supreme Court, Criminal Court of Appeals and Civil Court of Appeals.     FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 754

Designed to negate SQ 744 if it passes with a lesser number of votes, this question has serious unintended consequences.  If passed, it will declare all 31 constitutionally mandated funding formulas unconstitutional.  There are funding formulas that need to be changed, but that should be done as a pruning. In addition, the measure says the constitution can never be amended in this regard again which is both unconstitutional and nuts.     AGAINST THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 755

This is a preventive measure. Unfortunately, in some states where the Muslim population has become dominate some local courts reference Sharia law in their decisions.  This is a very important question designed to keep our judicial processes based on our constitution and the laws of Western culture.   FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 756

This measure amends our constitution to allow Oklahomans to opt-out of any federally mandated health care laws. It also prevents citizens or businesses from being punished if they choose to opt-out of the federal mandates.   FOR THE PROPOSAL

State Question No. 757

This measure would increase the amount of taxpayer dollars they hold in reserve for future spending.  FOR THE PROPOSAL

America votes this Tuesday, November 2, 2010.