Council Betrays Christmas Parade

Analysis:  Radical secularists won the day as the Tulsa City Council Tuesday failed to stand in majority for Tulsa’s historic Christmas Parade.  For over 70 years, the parade thrilled children as tens of thousands enjoyed the Holiday Season together in downtown Tulsa.  A parade will happen this year, but without Christmas in the name.

This controversy was created deliberately by duplicity and deception.  Apparently, the Parade Committee believes it rules over the Citizens of Tulsa – in considerable arrogance.  With no public notice or debate, the name was changed in 2009.  When this was discovered, some organizations withdrew.  A local car club notified Committee Chairman Larry Fox December 9, 2009 that their members had unanimously decided not to participate.

Fox’s response by e-mail said, “Unbelievable – you are a car club, so I don’t see how that is relevant – in any case the event is the same, only the official name has changed – and the theme has actually always been holiday amyway (sic).”

The response from the club was just as brief, “That’s what you really believe?  That’s unbelievable.  Amazing that people don’t understand that this is much much more than just a holiday.  Such deception.”

In attendance at that 2009 parade, about a dozen people protested the removal of the historic name.  They were interviewed by local media.  They stood in the cold and demonstrated their convictions.

In solicitation for this year’s parade, Larry Fox as chairman and primary contact for the event published a solicitation for “sponsorship opportunities” and a “speciality unit application” which at this writing are still available online at the links provided.  Both documents describe the event as a “Christmas Parade.”

Also, the 2010 Sponsorship Application lists a parade route that was not followed last year nor will it be followed this year (it says they will go south on Boulder, but they go further west on 3rd Street to Denver then turn south).  

Both the secularists and the daily newspaper argued that the name change would not be grounds for the City Council to deny the permit.  Of course not, but that was not the reason provided to the City Council.  Specifically, the City Council could have rejected the parade application because a “Holiday” parade is not the historic “Christmas” parade usually held at that time of the year – a change made without public consideration or comment.  

It could also be denied because, as a resident along the proposed route, I objected arguing that a “Holiday” parade was not planned for a reasonable time, place and manner if it was not the historic Christmas Parade.  How many others this event may inconvenience is not known, but I, for one, objected at the City Council meeting.

I also objected to the disingenuous if not deceitful solicitations for participation apparently intended to gain support and participation under false pretense – thus a fraud perpetrated by Larry Fox and his committee upon the people of Tulsa using the name of Christmas.

Jess Bowers who operates an alpaca ranch was planning to participate in the parade, but now refuses because of the deceptive name-change saying, “It’s a bait and switch.”

In point of fact, a handful of arrogant self-appointed condescending ruling elite dedicated to radical secularism have high-jacked Tulsa’s historic Christmas parade – replacing it with a “Holiday” parade.  Why?

Motives are hard to know and harder to prove, but a few downtown promoters have always been heavily invested in making our city center a Mecca for alternative lifestyle residents.  They have said so in public conversations.  As a resident, I object to that narrow market focus as do many other business people downtown.  Could this be a “gay” hate for religion thing?

Regardless of the motives, sponsors must know that this controversy could have been avoided.  The parade could have included both Holiday and Christmas within the official name.  By their actions the parade committee demonstrates that their inclusive policy is not something that includes Christians.

The most ironic part of the City Council meeting on this issue was listening to pompous Blake Ewing say he believed if Jesus were on the council, Jesus would vote for the permit.  Yo Ewing, want a bet on that?  Whatever, you just lost my business in your establishments.

Another fool on this parade, activist attorney Greg Bledsoe, lectured the Council on points of no disagreement.  Ok, so it was hard to stay awake during that, but what the heck – he had his say.

The question now becomes, will Tulsans support this parade giving praise and honor to sponsors or will they vote by directing their time and attention elsewhere.  Some will attend and many may not.  Some Tulsans will again protest the removal of the name and betrayal of our community history – the USA Patriots is one group that has announced they will protest.

Some may alter their entry to prominently name theirs a “Christmas Parade Float” and others may change their presentation to more prominently feature the Christian reason for the season.

One civic leader with the will and ability to do so has pledged to establish a limited liability corporation with which he will organize another Christmas Parade – most likely not in the downtown area.

It has been suggested that Christian Churches could bring paper cups to hand out hot coco with the cups asking people to support the return of the name “Christmas Parade” next year.  It is the more passive protest suggestion, but provides an opportunity to tell participants why they feel the name is important – to witness … so to speak.

As for this resident on the route, I will again talk about the parade on AM 740 and FM 102.3 news talk KRMG on The David Arnett Show from 4 to 6 pm Saturday evening.  Your calls are welcome then or comments now may be added to this story below.  Readers must register to comment, but registration is free and dissenting opinions welcome.  For a previous story on the parade, click here