TSO Heats Up The BOK Center

altTrans-Siberian Orchestra was back again this year with them an array of sight, sound and passion at the BOK Center Thursday night.  The spectacle, that has become a holiday tradition, lit up the stage with lights, lasers and fire.

TSO donated a portion of its ticket sales to a local charity. A check was presented to Rise School for $10,625. The money will be used for musical therapy for children with disabilities.

The spectacle that is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra is nothing short of amazing, although some of the vocal arrangements seem to lose their luster with over-the-top theatrics.  The vocalist are all world class and come with stellar resumes, but the gestures and movements are a little to much in this reviewer’s opinion.

What does shine throughout the evening, is the pure musicianship onstage. With 3 guitarists, a bass player, 2 keyboards, a thundering drum kit and a string section (The Tulsa Strings) you are constantly looking at something different.  Caitlin Moe, the lead violinist was moving all over the stage and pretty much throughout the arena – not missing a note.  This musical event is a fine polished offering.

The group is known for it’s Christmas themed concerts.  With grandiose flair and impeccable timing they worked their way through a 2 and half hour show that dazzled young and old alike and kicked off the week before the celebration season of Christ’s birth with just that, a kick.

altThe show itself is a 2 part masterpiece, first a pure Christmas story telling of an angel’s flight over the Earth on Christmas Eve in search of Christmas spirit and dreams.  The second is filled with more Christmas style music, but includes songs from Beethoven’s Last Night and Night Castle.  Both of which take a departure from their highly touted Christmas style music.  Renditions of "Silent Night", "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Joy To the World" and songs from The Nutcracker highlight the evening.  They also rocked the house with "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "Joy to the World,"  but the highlight of the entire evening was "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" which has been used countless times to accompany elaborate house lighting displays and has become a huge hit on YouTube.

This is TSO’s third trip to the BOK Center and if there is a 4th trip, make sure you get your tickets early and take the whole family.  You will be inspired and if you are one like me that tends to have a tough time getting going for the season, it will be just what the doctor ordered to change your mindset.