Tulsa World apology demanded

Updated:  On Christmas Day the Tulsa World newspaper published a primary positioned unsigned editorial with the greeting titled, “Merry Christmas,” that then goes on blame “the forces of capitalism” as the “transforming” force for the “disappearance of Christmas from Christmas.”  They owe this community, America and God an apology.

How dare they use the celebration of the birth of Christ to preach Communism?

Think about it.  What system would they suggest replace free enterprise?  Controlled markets?  That’s communism.  How about state ownership of all resources, means of production, transportation, and distribution?  Again, that’s communism.

Are they crazy or just showing a socialist and communist ideological foundation and a spiritual void they think we would not notice?  Was the writer senile, stupid or just young and foolish?

In fact, God wants each of his people to prosper and accumulate private property which they are invited to share personally in charity.  Nowhere in the Scriptures does it quote Jesus telling followers to give more money or time to the government in Rome or elsewhere to help the poor.

Christianity is about individual salvation, individual responsibility and individual charity.  Of course, God could command, but He loves us enough to allow each of us to decide our own path – in faith or without.  God supports personal freedom.

Did you ever wonder why Socialists, Marxists, Leninists, and other transmutations in totalitarianism fight any display of the Ten Commandments?  “You shall not steal” and “You shall not bear false witness” said in the positive are: You have a right to personal property, an obligation to protect the property of others and you are required to tell the truth.  Government doesn’t do all that well in those areas historically and, in editorial offering, neither does the daily newspaper in Tulsa.  

As publisher of Tulsa Today (est. 1996 online) and at various times in print since 1985, I make the case that capitalism is God’s plan in action, freedom and liberty for all in the marketplace and the best hope for increasing civilization and basic civility worldwide.  Thus on Christmas Day live on AM 740 and FM 102.3 news, talk, KRMG on The David Arnett Show, I suggested that we should all carefully consider the Tulsa World’s words.

Contrary to the Tulsa World, I suggested that we should all give from our hearts what blessings from God we choose to give to whom, when and how we select.  From the over-whelming number of listener calls, many agreed.

During one break, a producer and talent from one of KRMG’s sister stations dropped by the studio, poked his head in and said, “You know you are the last Tulsan that reads that rag don’t you?”

Yes he was joking, but subscriptions and revenue for newspapers throughout the nation are declining.  I could fix that and reverse those trends in any newsroom, but only with the power to retrain or fire the entire staff.  

The problem is that Leftist, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists are religious zealots.  They don’t see it as a religion, but there is no historical proof that totalitarian managed-market economy works and it has been tried repeatedly in many nations over many years all with disastrous results.  

Thus, without proof these fools are operating emotionally on a religion of theft and, I suggest, in bitterness because they failed or believe they would fail to accomplish in freedom what they imagine the general prosperity should provide them personally.  They believe government should plunder from productive people in order that life would be "fair" to those who make no such effort. 

Life isn’t fair.  Life has consequences good and bad for individual decisions and actions or the lack thereof.  We fall so we can learn to stand.  We make mistakes so we may grow – it’s a life process.

Newsrooms nationwide should be searching for historically, constitutionally, and economically educated Conservatives.  Funny thing, such writers could produce more interesting news, grow circulation and actually accomplish their jobs with more success than Leftists ever dreamed possible … or maybe that is why Conservatives are not hired by major news services.  Hmmm.

News writers, editors, producers and pundits can reject false religions promoting the premise that all problems require collective governmental solutions.  In fact, government most often lies by omission and misdirection and it “wastes the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them” as Thomas Jefferson said so many years ago.  It remains compelling news today – how officials keep getting away with wasting other people’s money.

On this topic I could and may soon write a book, but this editorial is specific to the Tulsa World.  They owe an explanation and apology to their readers (both of us) and to all of journalism which they have greatly shamed.

On Christmas Day in response to the Tulsa World editorial, I asked God to bless Capitalists, every one.  On New Year’s Day, listeners added to the conversation.  Letters to the editor published in the Tulsa World also continue to question the editorial. 

It is a valid public question; what wisdom from what ideology leads the paper’s newsroom and their editorial positions?   The masthead of the newspaper quotes the Bible, Jeremiah 50:2, "Publish and set up a standard; publish and conceal not."  Great.  What is the standard?  Is it more than greed in a "hands off" policy covering idiotic rantings by "editor’s gone wild?"  Is there a video of that lack of editorial propriety? 

The Tulsa World must apologize publicly or defend their rant against freedom.  Until then, they might as well be called OK Pravda, the Heartland Communist Manifesto.  Funny enough when they attack local bloggers for an insignificant insult to their circulation numbers, but this is hilarious.  Do they have enough pride in publication to defend or retract a vile insult to Christ?

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