While you were shopping, congress attacked!

When Americans awake after the Christmas holiday and their traditional New Year celebrations, they will awake in a country very different from the one they thought they had saved in the November elections. Before their newly elected officials could take office in January, and while they were busy shopping for Christmas, congress attacked…

Americans handed Obama’s Democratic Socialists what they thought was a devastating blow in the November elections in which they stripped Nancy Pelosi of her gavel in the House and put Harry Reid on ice in the Senate. Then the people returned to their daily lives in preparation for the Holy Day celebrations and while they shopped, congress attacked!

In the closing week of the lame duck session, the duck didn’t look lame at all. In fact, it was in rare form. Before losing power for the foreseeable future, Democratic Socialists passed the following as a Christmas present to all Americans:

•   They grabbed full control of your food supply via their so-called food safety act
•   They forced our US Military to focus on Gay Rights instead of training soldiers and winning wars
•   They spent a trillion more in money we don’t have, all on their leftist agenda
•   They seized control of the Internet
•   They passed Russia’s START treaty making certain that America is no longer the superpower
•   They expanded labor union powers to prop up corrupt unions in every state at every level
•   They warned all Americans to “expect bad news” in the coming days, as they have allowed our enemies to live among us and cannot prevent coming terror strikes on US soil, in the war on terror they say doesn’t actually exist
•   They made sure that taxpayers were going to pay people not to work for up to 36 months
•   And they only extended tax breaks for employers and investors for another year, making sure that private sector job creation remains stagnate
•   They put a career military officer in Leavenworth for asking who his Commander-in-Chief really is
•   In short, they have done more to destroy this country in the last week than Bin Laden has in his entire miserable life – That’s one hell of a week! They could not have done it without the consent of Republicans and that’s the real story here…

Merry Christmas! Obama is following Hugo Chavez in seizing control of this nation.

It’s a good thing people were too busy shopping to notice, otherwise, people would be storming Washington DC with pitchforks and torches instead of caroling this December… or would they?

Republicans could have stopped all of it, if they had wanted to. Instead, they chose to let Obama, Pelosi and Reid ram all of it through in the so-called lame-duck session so that they could blame Democrats for passage of this anti-American onslaught.

People who think the Republicans they elected in November will shift the direction of this train wreck in 2011 are in for even more surprises. Everything they were elected to stop just passed congress with one exception, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Since Democratic Socialists couldn’t quite get that one passed, they are taking a new tact. They plan on erasing US borders altogether.

Had Republicans wanted to stop any of it, they could have. They didn’t!

Meanwhile, White House resident Barack Obama is so proud of his lame-duck accomplishments that he has headed off for holiday vacation in sunny Hawaii, where those anticipated Christmas terror strikes are a little less likely.

Our nation’s founders are rolling over in their graves. Today’s American’s are ill-suited for freedom and liberty. They are just too busy to even notice, much less react to the hourly anti-American assault on everything the founding fathers handed us only a couple hundred years ago.

Maybe Americans will fight for freedom when they have nothing else left to lose. I have been expecting a huge public revolt for years now and so far, the people don’t seem too concerned with the loss of every freedom they have taken for granted all of their self-centered lives.

I’m writing this column two days before Christmas, but I won’t release it until after Christmas, when hopefully, some will take a few minutes to read between the holidays and notice that their nation was stolen while they were busy shopping.

Here’s hoping for a new year when Americans might wake up and engage in taking their nation back from the political ruling class, all of whom mean us harm! 


About the author:  J.B. Williams is  a featured writer with www.PatriotsUnion.org.