Stupid White House

As the New York Post first
reported, Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang selected a communist nationalistic
America-hating pointed propaganda tune when he played at the White House state
dinner recently.  Slave masters, executioners
and prison wardens throughout China are laughing at the
Obama Administration’s stupidity. 

Superficially diplomatic,
Lang during a television interview said, "I think playing the tune at the
White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of
ourselves and express our feelings through the song.  I think it’s especially good. Also, I like the
tune in and of itself.  Every time I hear
it, I feel extremely moved."

Lang was much blunter on
a blog where he wrote, "Playing this song praising China to heads of state from
around the world seems to tell them that our China is formidable, that our
Chinese people are united; I feel deeply honored and proud," Lang wrote.

Lang’s selection was the
famous anti-American propaganda tune "My Motherland" — the theme
song from the Chinese-made Korean War movie "Battle on Shangangling Mountain."   

The New York Post noted,
“Chinese President Hu Jintao, the guest of honor at the dinner, surely
recognized the melody.  The song has been
a favorite anti-American propaganda tool for decades” and that “Lang apparently
knew exactly what he was playing.”

The 1956 film depicts
Chinese troops pinned down under enemy fire on the mountain. Then
reinforcements arrive and the troops attack the US soldiers, whom the
Chinese refer to as "jackals."  The song Lang played in front of Hu and
President Obama includes the verse: "When friends are here, there is fine
wine/But if the jackal comes/What greets it is the hunting rifle."

The anti-US tune played at
the White House inspired patriotic chest-thumping on Chinese blogs with one
quoted by the New York Post writing, "Those American folks very much enjoyed it
and were totally infatuated with the melody!!!  The US is truly stupid!!"

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Editorial Note:  Tulsa Today does not usually
comment on the People’s Republic of China.  We are more interested in Chinese
Nationals that legally immigrate to the Tulsa area to build homes,
businesses and churches.  From their
words, we understand in truth how brittle and fragile China society is today and
how many here and there personally honor the freedom and individual liberty found in America.