Silly stupid Russian spammers

Tulsa Today is under attack by those who wish to steal from Internet users.  The effort is entertaining as they accomplish nothing for themselves, are removed quickly and, we highly suspect, their attempt at fraud comes as they themselves are defrauded.  Yes, someone is selling the name of this domain to those who want to spam blast others, but the purchasers register here before they check to discover we no longer host a forum they can misuse.  Spammers profit not.  Funny thing, the vast majority are based in Russia.

Online since 1996 owning this domain and professionally engaged within the industry years before Al Gore even invented the Internet, I know some very talented hackers.  Most are honorable and enjoy code cracking for their own reasons.  I do not support theft in any format (including taxes) for any reason, but I will talk to anyone regardless of station.  This story, however, is not about skilled code warriors, but the stupid, inane, greedy fools that think no one is paying attention as they attempt to steal.

Tulsa Today is the oldest independent online news service in the world.  We do not and have never captured e-mail addresses without permission (knew how to do that for decades, but don’t).  We only keep e-mail from those who willingly provide it during registration.  Registration is free and enables readers to comment on individual stories.  We have over 4,000 registered users, but we delete those of questionable address.  

Welcome International Law Enforcement

The majority of those we delete are based in Russia.  Tulsa Today will make a complete list of such spammers available to law enforcement at any level at any time, but just for fun, here is the list of those within the first ten pages (of 204 pages) of registered users that we removed today.  We hope our friends who may be code warriors find some use for these want-a-be frauds, but for the rest of us, it is simply good to remember that if these individuals would put the same amount of effort into legitimate enterprise, they might actually be productive within their individual lives.

Russia e-mail ends with .ru
Poland e-mail ends with .pl
Ukraine e-mail ends with .ua

In the last 12 hours, those registering include: (user name porn)

While Tulsa Today welcomes foreign readers, we write here for Tulsa, Oklahoma, and America.  International readers are welcome to comment, but if your comments are spam, they will be deleted.  Readers who notice such posts our staff may have missed are welcome to use the contact form at the top of the page to let us know, but we regularly check and remove stupid spam posts as a function of maintaining the site – even in the older pages.

So with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we are a business that can sound the cry, “The Russians Are Coming” in regular fact not for alarm, but in ridicule of those silly stupid spammers.  The e-mail listed on this page is NOT protected from spambots.  Have a nice day.