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Special interests ride taxpayers

A billion here and a billion there of wasted money! Over the last many years, certain special interest groups have managed to ride the coattails of Oklahoma taxpayers to great profits.

As a free market capitalist, I am always in favor of entrepreneurs making tremendous profits when they provide great products and services to customers. However, I cringe when hardworking Oklahomans pay up big time for special interest groups to fuel the gravy train of subsidized revenues. And people wonder why we can’t pay our teachers enough or we’re still forced to require taxes on personal income!

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Tulsa Gen X above average ownership

Young buyers in any generation have a hard time buying homes because they tend to earn less, and have less in savings or existing equity than older buyers. However, the analysis found that in the Tulsa metro area, 17.0% of Gen Z householders own their home, compared to 15.0% nationally.

But Gen Z—the population of Americans born between 1997 and 2012—faces even greater challenges: student debt, increasing rents, and unprecedented growth in home prices have put homeownership further out of reach. Market conditions have the largest impact on where Gen Z is able to buy homes, with more affordable locations being more likely to have higher numbers of young homeowners. To determine the locations with the highest Gen Z homeownership rate, researchers calculated the homeownership rate for householders aged 15–24 in 2020 and ranked metros accordingly.

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What Joe don’t know he can’t fix

There is no way Joe Biden can fix inflation. Our President continues to live in a fantasy land of crazy economic thinking and incoherent ideas for dealing with the worst inflation since the 1970s.

The Wall Street Journal recently published Biden’s opinion article, “My Plan for Fighting Inflation,” which any sound economist would destroy in red ink and grade with a big fat F.

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Steinway & Sons announce Tulsa store

ASTORIA, NY – Steinway & Sons, makers of the finest pianos in the world, announced today the opening of Steinway Piano Gallery Tulsa, a new showroom serving Tulsa, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas.

The new store joins a network of Steinway-authorized galleries in the region that are owned and operated by the Saliba family, who have been an integral part of Steinway history since 1979. The Tulsa location is an extension of the Salibas’ four established Texas locations, including stores in Houston, Plano, and Ft. Worth as well as the iconic Steinway Hall Dallas.

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