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OK Workforce Study Released

Oklahoma State University published today a new report on Oklahoma WorkTrends by the Center for the Future of Work. It is heralded as a comprehensive overview of workforce development and trends in Oklahoma. Covering both direct and indirect factors impacting workforce development like population, education, child care, poverty, incarceration rate and more.

The report includes data collected through the 2023 Voice of the Workforce study conducted by the Center for the Future of Work as well as other workforce data collected through various state and federal entities. The report then identifies areas of strength as well as areas of progress, continued focus and improvement as they pertain to workforce development in the state of Oklahoma.

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Biden Mart Checks Prices and Increase

Whether you’re a die-hard Republican, a languishing Libertarian, a disillusioned Democrat, or somewhere in between, one thing’s for sure: We all need to eat on a regular basis. And as long as “Biden-Mart” remains open for business, it seems we’ll be paying a premium for the privilege. Oh the joys of Bidenomics which the President summed up on Twitter as: “Bidenomics is about growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down” thus proving his economic ignorance… again.

Don’t believe prices are rising? Now you can check prices of common food online at Biden Mart, a web site established by Make America Great Again Inc. PAC as an interactive gem to compare your current grocery bills under Biden with those good ol’ days under former-President Donald Trump. Spoiler alert: It’s not a trip down the yellow brick road – more like a Oklahoma Toll Road.

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Tulsa Bills Lower by $4,257.00 per year

A recent doxoINSIGHTS Report (2024 U.S. Household Bill Pay Report) reveals that Americans spend a total of $3.35 trillion annually on household bills. Covered, in part by CNBC (rent comparison), the report also found that, the average American household spends approximately $2,126 a month, or $25,513 per year on the ten most essential household bills, an increase of 4% year over year.

In addition to the national insights above and in the report, DOXO, a bill paying service, also has 2024 household spend information for Tulsa, including the following: 

  • The average Tulsa household pays $1,771 a month, or $21,255 a year for the 10 most common household bills, up 5.9% year over year. This is compared to a 4% average increase at the national level.
  • The household expenses in Tulsa, on average, are 16.7% lower than the national average of $2,126, and 0.8% lower than the state average of $1,786.
  • Tulsa is the #28 most expensive city in Oklahoma for household bills.
  • Tulsa households spend 35% of their income on household bills.
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Cutting Oklahoma’s State Grocery Tax

We are facing a 40-year high in inflation, which raises a lot of concern. In response to the rising costs of living, the House remains committed to providing relief to the people of Oklahoma.

Recent data shows that the average Oklahoman spends almost $300 per trip to the grocery store, making Oklahoma one of the top 10 states with the highest weekly grocery bills. A poll conducted in September 2022 revealed that 78% of respondents support eliminating the state grocery tax.

Last week, the Senate passed House Bill 1955, which the House had passed 11 months ago, to eliminate the state’s portion of the grocery tax. In addition to eliminating the state’s 4.5% tax, it includes a provision preventing municipalities and counties from raising sales taxes on groceries until June 30, 2025.

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Bill Puts Air Marshals Back in the Sky

While national media have dutifully covered incidents of airline passenger conflict in-flight they typically fail to mention that Air Marshals, once present on commercial airlines, have been diverted to process criminals during President Biden’s contrived, deliberate, and promoted southern border invasion.

In response to the growing airborne insanity, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Tuesday introduced the NO FAMS at the Border Act, legislation that would put federal air marshals back on airplanes as the administration has sent hundreds of federal law enforcement officials to the border . Under the bill, an air marshal could be sent to the border only if the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, gave written certification to Congress verifying the existence of a border crisis which he has often denied contrary to observable facts.

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