The ouster of Mayor Bartlett

One listener described Tulsa City Councilor John Eagleton’s guest appearance Saturday on the David Arnett Show on AM 740 and FM 102.3 news, talk, KRMG as “just short of a Jerry Springer episode,” but by the end of the two hour show Eagleton had made a compelling case for the immediate ouster of Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

Your opinion should be determined by careful review of his documentation which is available online (click here for  Above all good reader, please ignore the mentally immature ranting of some radio hosts and the daily newspaper.

Specifically irritating to anyone who has reviewed the documentation gathered by Councilor Eagleton is the assertion in the top editorial of the March 9th paper that the ouster case is only “sour grapes.”  It is much more and the editorial writers know it.  They lie in asserting Councilor Eagleton is vengeful because the mayor’s office did not hire him for a position he never applied to fill.  (You might want to read that again.)  Councilor Eagleton never submitted his resume or an application for a job as city attorney.  He simply mentioned in passing conversation that, as an attorney, he could do a better job.

In the opinion of many, a trained monkey could do a better job than several recent city attorneys, but that is another story.

Another councilor, attorney and current Council Chairman Rick Westcott said, “Councilor Eagleton has outlined facts no one can deny.  The only question is:  Do the citizens think this is enough to oust Mayor Bartlett?  These things happened.  This is about a history of actions no one can deny.”

With respect to Councilor Westcott it is not a question of citizen thinking – it is a matter of law.  Unless we follow the example of the federal government and disregard law based on feelings; all are equal before the law.

Offenses alleged:

  1. Mayor Bartlett has received money not allowed for by law.
  2. Mayor Bartlett has failed to make timely appointments to our authorities, boards, and commissions.
  3. Mayor Bartlett has failed to attend city authority, board and commission meetings when he was a board member.
  4. Mayor Bartlett has accepted free gifts or services from a city contractor in violation of the City’s Ethics Code.
  5. Mayor Bartlett has offered to support stop light timing if a councilor would vote to approve a $7,028.19 donation from a third party to the Mayor.
  6. Mayor Bartlett has lied to the City Council.
  7. Mayor Bartlett has allowed a subordinate to provide false information to the City Council.
  8. Mayor Bartlett has used taxpayer money to set up city business cards, computer accounts and e-mail accounts for his wife, in violation of the City’s Ethics Code.
  9. Mayor Bartlett has solicited and assisted individuals to file lawsuits against the City of Tulsa.
  10. Mayor Bartlett has committed oppression in office by demanding the resignation of City Council staff without any lawful authority to do so.
  11. Mayor Bartlett is expending funds contrary to the Policy of the City of Tulsa.

After reading the documentation on citizens are asked to download and sign an affidavit for ouster to urge the Attorney General to investigate the complaints against Dewey F. Bartlett Jr.  Instructions are included on how to do so.

In point of fact, Mayor Bartlett is a Republican as is Councilor Eagleton.  Further and in the spirit of full disclosure, I signed the affidavit and I may well be the longest most outspoken conservative in Tulsa and a Republican Precinct Chairman.  Such a request for investigation of complaint does not expose the signer to litigation as some defenders of the Mayor suggest, but fulfills the most basic responsibility of free citizens in our Republic – to ensure our elected officials follow the law.

Or, as I asked sarcastically on-air, shall we now drive on the left side of public roadways and ignore stop lights as we may “feel” like it?  Is there one set of rules for a Ruling Class and another for average citizens?  Should we use guns and act like Mexican Drug cartels while serving as sworn officers of the Tulsa Police Department?  (So sorry, that happened with trials soon to be held.)  How about ignoring tickets for moving violations of law or ignoring the federal Defense of Marriage Act?  Hello chaos – shall we crash?

It is well established that the daily paper is, at the least, Liberal Democrat in their editorial positions.  In our opinion, they are Communists after the 2010 Christmas Day editorial damning capitalism, but what the heck, they are the only daily delivery of bird cage flooring available in Tulsa.  So why would they support Republican Mayor Bartlett?  It is simply an elitist thing as totalitarians provide a one point source for news reporters – an easier job spoon-fed.

Councilor Eagleton told Tulsa Today that he expects this ouster effort will destroy his chances for any future political office.  Eagleton continues to suffer the slings and sideswipes of broadcast morons and dedicated special interests friendly to Mayor Bartlett.

Eagleton said, “I took an oath of office and I will live that oath.”

Councilor Eagleton sent a letter to Gov. Mary Fallin (also a Republican) requesting that she direct Attorney General Scott Pruitt to investigate these allegations of misconduct and criminal behavior against Mayor Dewey Bartlett.  If she does not, then the affidavits in number sent directly to the attorney general’s office should have the same result – a “third-party” review and investigation by the State of Oklahoma’s highest law enforcement officer.

Citizens deserve nothing less.