Doak praises SB 722

OK Insurance Commissioner John Doak today praised members of the Senate who approved Senate Bill 722 Thursday, a measure that would establish the provisions for Oklahoma to join an interstate health care compact to empower state legislatures, rather than the federal government, to continue dealing with health care issues.

“I have always opposed the federal takeover of our health care system that was approved by the previously Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by President Barrack Obama,” said Doak.  “Senate Bill 722 is another way Oklahoma can reassert its control of what truly is a state issue. I am glad to see that the Senate approved the measure and I urge members of the House to approve it as well.

Senate Bill 722, by Senator Clark Jolley and Representative Glen Mulready, establishes the provisions necessary for Oklahoma to join an interstate health care compact that reaffirms the authority of the participating state legislatures to deal with health care issues. The bill would allow each compact member to enact its own health care laws and share information with other states in the compact.

The bill won Senate approval Tuesday and now goes to the House for consideration.

“The health care compact contained in SB 722 does not conflict with the efforts of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and other state attorneys general, state legislators and members of Congress to repeal or modify the Obama health care bill. I believe it supports those efforts by allowing Oklahoma and other states to reaffirm their authority to address health care issues,” Doak said.

The bill also does not interfere with the acceptance of federal monies for health care, Doak noted.