Republican Convention questions remain

Analysis:  It may be happening throughout the country as Republicans gather in their own county conventions.  It was not so much a move further to the “right” on issues last Saturday, but a take-over by the enraged in a parliamentary style that inspired some delegates to shout “railroad” from the floor of the convention. 

It reminded me of reports of how socialists took over the Democrat Party
and Islamic Fundamentalists take over revolutions – the most ruthless,
angry and brutal tend to win. 

At this Tulsa County Republican Convention, I properly filed to stand for election of Tulsa County Chairman.  It was not a job I wanted (a difficult and demanding unpaid two year responsibility that inevitably results in angering almost everyone).  It was not a job I planed to pursue and, if won, would have required my withdrawal from working journalism.

However, some 12 hours before the meeting, financial data began circulating that showed massive incompetence and a complete failure of leadership.  Confirmed during the financial report to the convention, officials admitted that from a beginning balance of some $17,000 the Tulsa County Republican Party had not raised money, but spent it throughout the term to the point that only around $1,000 remained in the bank.

Prior to receiving this information, I was resigned to accept the election of the current vice-chair, J.B. Alexander, to the top position, but how could anyone accept leadership that is functionally incompetent regardless of ideological purity? 

Good stewardship is a part of the principles of leadership within the Republican Party and most organizations.  By the standards of stewardship stated clearly in the Bible, God would not vote to reward J.B. Alexander with a term as Chairman.

Procedures used during the convention brutally silenced dissenting opinion and overwhelmed all opposition.  Thus, the Tulsa County Republican Party moved to irrelevance.  To function as a political party in America means to work with diverse individuals that may not be in total agreement on all things.  The obvious purpose is to grow support, but Saturday as more and more stalwart Conservatives and long-time party activists left the room doubt increased as to what the County Party could accomplish with the attitude of the current regime.

There are some statewide that have worked to replace all Republican leadership with John Birch Society members – thought by many to be extremists.  Now as President Obama proves many of the Society’s worst nightmares may be true, it can be debated what is a “true” conservative and what is “extreme,” but if the Republicans scare each other, what hope does the party have in a general election?

Democrats must love this.

The election for Chairman was scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm, but by 2:30 pm they were not even close to that selection.  Given the dwindling numbers of delegates in the room, the rage and anger of those remaining and the hour, I withdrew from the contest.  My radio show began at 4:00 pm and, as it turned out, I barely had time for fast food on the way to the station.

Can the Tulsa County Republican Party live without my support?  Of course it can and I can spend my time, money and effort elsewhere.  The frustrating point is that I have been writing as a Conservative for thirty years.  I lead public opposition to several tax proposals and supported another.  I have been writing about the danger of totalitarianism within the current administration of President Obama since before he was elected and my work posted to this site leaves no doubt of my fundamental conservative position on most issues.  

I will continue to stand for what I believe is true, just and right, but if the Republican Party doesn’t welcome diverse views within the Conservative movement…they will fail their greatest test which, at this juncture, is reversing the programs and policies of the most Liberal administration in American history.

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