Mullet Over #449

Many scientists are fascinated by the flagella which are whip-like structures featured by certain bacteria. Flagella rotors can spin at speeds in excess of 16,000 rpm and then, in one rotation, begin spinning in the opposite direction. The situation is similar to having tiny powerful boat motors on billions of bacteria.

Tim Stoddard occupies a unique place in American sports history. He is the only person to have been a player on a NCAA Basketball Championship (NC State) team and on a World Series Championship (Baltimore Orioles) team.

There are more than 200,000 different species of animals (mostly insects) that are involved in pollinating flowering plants.  20,000 distinct species of bees have been observed spreading pollen.  Some non-insect pollinators include opossums, rain forest monkeys, bats and at least two strange men.

Word meanings can differ because of locations, even in the world of mathematics. “Centillion” represents the digit one followed by 300 zeros in the U.S.A., but is understood to be one followed by 600 zeros in England.  Don’t tell President Obama or he will want to extend the debt ceiling to the higher number.

“Certainty, Security and Celerity” is the declared motto of the United States Post Office.

For you “Bonanza” fans: Hoss Cartwright’s real first name was “Eric” and the name of his horse was “Chub.”

Speaking of horse names, the favorite mount of Ulysses S. Grant was “Cincinnatus.”

These next items are for you readers from my generation. Remember the clown on the “Howdy Doody Show?"  The clown was named Clarabelle and was played by Bob Keeshan who later became famous as Captain Kangaroo.  Lagniappe: the Jeep on the Roy Rogers Show was named Nellybelle (owned by Pat Brady).

Scientists from 10 nations have been participating in the digging of 86 holes in the ice of Antarctica at a cost of $279 million.  The project is called IceCube (their spelling) Neutrino.  The researchers claim to be seeking new information concerning black holes and dark matter.  Either these guys are very smart or their brains have been affected by the extreme cold.

Henry Morton Stanley is noted for his arduous efforts in finding a doctor in Africa and uttering the famous “Dr. Livingston, I presume.”  What might be news to the reader is that H.M. Stanley fought in the American Civil War – on both sides.  He was in the Confederate Army for a year and was captured.  In a release agreement, he enlisted in the Artillery Division of the Union Army.  Later Livingston had enough of America combat and returned to his native Great Britain.

Well, I hope you enjoy a plethora of celerity and that you have a great week.