HEART brings Red Velvet Car to The Joint

altHeart came to town Friday night and gave The Joint; one of Tulsa’s finest venues another incredible sold-out show.  Ann and Nancy Wilson, who are the heart and soul of the band, have been belting out power ballads and rock hits since 1976. Over their four- decade career, they have sold over 35 million records worldwide. Heart is on tour now in support of their 2010 release Red Velvet Car that shows the band returning to their hard rock/acoustic roots their fans so adore.

At almost a quarter after eight, Ann and Nancy took the stage to a very eager and energized crowd. They started the night off with “Cook with Fire” from their 1978 album release, Dog and Butterfly. The intro to this song was so intense with the sound of the drums roaring through the crowd. It was evident within seconds that Ann’s voice was defying the laws of physics with her ability to hit every high pitched note perfectly. Hearing her play the flute on this song, instantaneously takes you back to the feel and music vibe of the 70’s.

Ann and Nancy both looked incredible. The hair and clothing of course updated from the 80’s era, but still carrying on their signature look with the black & lace attire.  The girls went on to sing fan favorites; “Heartless”, “What About Love” and “Straight on.” Until you see Heart live, you have no idea how phenomenal Nancy really is on the guitar.  Its obvious now after seeing more recent female guitarists come through town, who their idol really is.

Nancy went on to sing “Hey You” off the new album. Even though it was the first time for many to hear this song, it pulls you in with its indie/folk sound. Nancy plays a autoharp on this tune which is absolutely beautiful and rare.  

As the night went on the energy in the room just seemed to elevate with each song played. And just when you thought it couldn’t go any higher, it did when songs, “Magic Man”, “Crazy On You” and “Barracuda” were played. Everyone was on their feet; singing along. It was such a rush to see those three songs played live. No roller-coaster could have been better than that ride..


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

As this was the end of their set and the band was leaving the stage; the yelling and screaming fest began. After what seemed about 5 minutes or so, Ann and Nancy returned with their full band for the encore. And what a treat it was. They played two Led Zeppelin covers; “What Should Never Be” and “Misty Mountain Hop”. The crowd went crazy!  If Heart ever wanted to go on tour of just doing Led Zeppelin tunes, they would have sold-out shows across the country for that as well. It was truly a site to see.

Again, the band leaves and several people start leaving the venue. For some, that was a moment too soon as Ann and Nancy came out for a final time and did a very laid back version of “Dreamboat Annie”.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect night.  Red Velvet Car is definitely a great album with just what we heard during the concert. Long time Heart fans and newcomers alike, should absolutely pick this one up.