Cain’s gets a good flogging

Once again the legendary Cain’s Ballroom played host to Irish folk punk band, Flogging Molly.  The band, who seems to be in constant tour mode, gives every bit of what they have in a live show.  Vocalist and founder Dave King is a consistent, moving machine, playing not only to the crowd, but also to his band mates.  He is a harness master of the energy that is Flogging Molly.  Made up of a rag-tag bunch of equal parts talented musicians and hyperactive ever-adolescents, the grouping come together to make a sound and show that is uniquely their own, with obvious Irish roots and full on punk.  

Their music ranges from boisterous celtic punk, “The Likes of You Again,” “Rebels of the Sacred Heart” to more somber songs like “Factory Girl” and “Float.” Lyrics typically touch on subjects such as Ireland and its history, drinking, politics, love, family and death. “The Likes of You Again” was written as a tribute to King’s father who died while he was a young boy and has become the staple show opener.  From the aforementioned opener to new songs off the latest release, Speed of Darkness, the near capacity audience whipped into a frenzy for 2 hours and change.

The fun of a FM show is that you walk away feeling like you were just part of something bigger than a concert.  As King puts it, “We always have each other” speaking of the connection they make with their fans.  It is a brotherhood of sorts and it can’t help but draw you in as though you were at a backyard party with the Guinness’ and Jameson’s flowing.  You will tap a foot and perhaps dance an Irish jig, as King tends to do quite often onstage.


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

The music is quick and full of energy and heritage.  The crowd is loyal and upbeat.  The two mix together like few shows I have been to.

And of the crowd, you see different ages, looks, apparel all over the hardwood floor.  From Mohawks to come-over’s, from short skirts to kilts (utili-kilts at that), a Molly show has a little bit of everything that a band that offers a little something for everyone should have.  A fun loving energy filled concert.

If you have never been to a Flogging Molly show, you have to make one.  It is one of the things that should be put on a bucket list.  It is a guaranteed good time and you will get to be Irish again, (other than on St. Paddy’s day).