Mullet over #459

The designation of “Oldest State University” in the United States is claimed by two different institutions. The University of Georgia was chartered in 1785 and The University of North Carolina was chartered in 1789. However, UNC (Chapel Hill) opened its doors to students in 1795 while
The University of Georgia (Athens) first admitted students in 1801.  The
debate rages.

When the state of Virginia seceded from the union in 1861, several counties in the northwestern region of the state did not support the action. Representatives from those counties met and made attempts to “un-secede.” This endeavor led to the formation of a new state whose name was variously proposed as Kanawha, Allegheny and the name that was ultimately chosen — West Virginia.

Another item on the long list of mysteries in nature: cobra venom is extremely deadly to most animals, yet the toxin seems to have no effect on cobras. The rule of same-species-immunity does not always apply to other snake varieties. For instance, one agitated gaboon viper was witnessed fatally injecting itself with an aggressive strike.

This next item may not thrill everyone: some city governments have purchased parking meters that are programmed to alert the mobile phones of meter patrol people whenever a space is occupied and the relevant meter displays “time expired.” The locations of the parking spaces are transmitted and people employed to issue tickets are electronically summoned. Reports indicate that increased fine revenues have paid for the new meters many times over.

Climbing earth’s tallest peak does not place one’s name on an extremely exclusive list. The first recorded scaling of Mount Everest was achieved on May 29, 1953. However, thousands have since climbed the mountain. In 2010 at least 486 people ascended the 29,000 (plus) feet and stood “on top of the world.” One hundred forty-two people have died while challenging this highest of earthly mountains.

Experts in the medical field claim to be able to evaluate stress in many humans by measuring their levels of cortisol. Elevated quantities of cortisol have also been linked to impeded bone repair, inadequate food digestion, cardiac diseases, loss of sleep and excessive blood sugars. Mothers who experience high stress levels during pregnancies are apparently more likely to give birth to children that suffer from autism. It seems that stress is not good for people.

Well, I recommend that you keep your stress levels low by staying off of Mount Everest and by enjoying a most pleasant week.