Educators attending Aerospace Alliance Summit in record numbers

The aerospace industry is one of the fastest growing economic engines in the state of Oklahoma, accounting for over 140,000 jobs and a $12.4 billion economic output. In order to sustain and continue to grow the industry, the workforce needs an education based on solid Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  For the fourth year, the OAA has invited Oklahoma STEM teachers,
designated as Aerospace Fellows, to attend the annual Aerospace Summit
as guests of OAA and exhibiting aerospace companies this year in Tulsa June 6-8.

“This workforce development must begin in our school systems and with our STEM educators,” Mary Smith, Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance spokesperson said. “Our educators must understand the relevance of their efforts on helping grow and sustain the aerospace industry in Oklahoma.”
The Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance (OAA) has established a partnership between the Oklahoma Aerospace Industry and a number of Oklahoma educators.   For the fourth year, the OAA has invited Oklahoma STEM teachers, designated as Aerospace Fellows.   This year a record 120 educators will attend the Summit, with June 8 designated as the Oklahoma Aerospace Education and Industry Partnership (AEIP) Day at Tulsa Tech Riverside Campus.
“Oklahoma is the only state with such an event tied directly to one of its major industries,” Ben Robinson, Advisor to the Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance and Aerospace consultant to Oklahoma Career Tech, said. “Over 240 educators from across Oklahoma have attended the Summit within the last three years and that number continues to grow at a rapid pace.”
The AEIP Day will be filled with speakers such as State Superintendent of Education Janet Barresi, different breakout sessions, a lunch game show about the Oklahoma aerospace industry and a final session where Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb will present $10,000 in grants to participating educators.
Along with the AEIP Day, the OAA Summit features more than 100 leading aviation and aerospace companies as exhibitors and is expected to draw as many as 1,000 attendees.
The Summit opens on June 6 with the annual golf tournament at the Patriot Golf Club. Later that night there will be the “AeroBash”, a networking event, at McNellie’s Pub in Tulsa. The Summit welcome will take place at 8 a.m. on June 7 and officially kick-off the aerospace events, which includes keynote speakers, numerous sessions, and a variety of awards to be presented.
For more information, visit The Oklahoma Aerospace Alliance (OAA), a nonprofit formed in 2006 to support the growth of the aerospace industry, has grown to over 300 membership companies across the state, many of whom have operations nationally and internationally.