Voter ID law begins

Tulsa County Election Board Chairman Patty Bryant urges voters to be aware that effective July 1, 2011, State Question 746, also known as the "voter ID law," and which was overwhelming approved by 74% of Oklahoma voters, goes into effect. Voters should know that when they go to vote after July 1, 2011, every voter will be asked for proof of identity whether they are voting at the polls or voting early at the County Election Board.  

Documents used for proof of identity for voting purposes must have been issued by the federal, state, or a tribal government and must include the voter’s name, photograph, and an expiration date after the date of the election.  Voters also may use their voter identification card or a temporary voter identification document issued by the County Election Board.  

A valid Oklahoma driver’s license or a voter identification card will be the most common forms of identification used as proof of identity for voting purposes.  Other forms of acceptable identification include a state identification card, a passport, or a military identification card.   

No matter the form of proof of identity presented by a voter, the voter’s name in the Precinct Registry and the voter’s name on the proof of identity must "substantially conform."  In other words, the names must match.      Voters need to consider updating their voter registration information so that it matches their form of identification.

Patty Bryant, Secretary of the Tulsa County Election Board, said in cases where the voter’s name in the Precinct Registry and the voter’s proof of identity do not match, the voter will be required to vote a "provisional ballot."  Bryant said a provisional ballot is not inserted into a voting device on election day and may or may not be counted later.  

To update voter registration information or to register for the first time, visit, choose the "I WANT TO" tab, choose "Register or Subscribe", choose "To Vote".  The voter must print out the form, fill it out, and mail it to or drop it by any County Election Board or the Oklahoma State Election Board.  Voter Registration Applications can also be found not only at the County and State Election Board offices but also at all Tag Agencies, most Post Offices, and most libraries.  In Tulsa County, the form is also available at all QuikTrip stores.