Internal Revenue Service list shows varied state groups losing tax-exempt status

 The Internal Revenue Service recently revoked the tax- exempt status for over 275,000 tax-exempt organizations across the country.

Over 3,700 of those groups were in Oklahoma. The agency reported that in most cases, tax-exempt status was revoked due to failure to file appropriate tax documentation.

It can be assumed that some of the organizations intentionally let their tax-exempt status lapse, or closed for reasons of their own. While the list appears largely accurate, there are some nuances.

In the case of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Catherine Page-Creppon, director of public relations, said:

“The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum once secured a nonprofit EIN for a foundation, which was never activated and didn’t receive funding. Because of that, a tax return was never filed and so now, that EIN is showing up on a list of organizations that will lose their nonprofit status with the IRS — and it is associated with the museum’s name. … It is now in the process of being deactivated with the IRS.”

IRS officials said that, as many in the nonprofit sector predicted, the revocations appear to have affected small nonprofits the most. More than 75 percent of the revoked organizations for which IRS had additional information had annual revenues of less than $25,000.

Larger organizations, some with revenues in the millions, did lose their exemptions for failure to file, however. (Note: Nonprofits in the “Never Filed” group on the list below were required to file a return even before the Pension Protection Act of 2006 was enacted, but apparently never did so.)

More than half — 57 percent — of the revoked organizations for which IRS were(c)(3) public charities. Another 9 percent were 501(c)(3) private foundations.

These nonprofits are especially important in terms of revocation because the overwhelming majority of tax-deductible contributions are made to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Although few names on the list have been challenged, this listing cannot account for possible IRS mistakes, for the credibility of the organizations listed or for the reasons the tax-exempt status was revoked. Some or many groups listed below may have ceased exist, or intentionally let their tax status expire.

The listing does not represent a comprehensive count of all organizations in the Oklahoma City area which lost their tax classifications.

Other notable groups were the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Legal Aid for Western Oklahoma.

Others include neighborhood associations, religious groups, benevolent, community service organizations and advocates for animals, or challenged, disabled or discriminated people and/or human rights. Physical addresses are included when possible.

Following, then, is a snapshot of organizations which may be of interest to readers of CapitolBeatOK. These are tax-exempt organizations that the IRS says lost their tax-exempt status allegedly for non-compliance.

 Neighborhood Associations

Heritage Hills East Neighborhood, 119 NW 19 St.

Britton Neighborhood Association, 516 NW 92

College Park Neighborhood Association, 732 NW 113 St.

Council of Neighborhoods Associations, 607 NE 15 St.

Classen 10 Penn Neighborhood Association, 1900 NW 13 St.

The Greens Homeowners Association,

Industrial Heights Neighborhood Association


Oklahoma City Health Care Coalition, 1601 NW Expressway, Ste. 1645

Compassionate Humans for AIDS, 2700 NW 6 St.

Oklahoma Action Fund of Planned Parenthood, 619 NW 23

Oklahoma Spina Bifida Association, 2212 N W 50 St.

Shiloh Camp and Eagle Ridge Retreat, 601 NE 63

OU Medical Center Crisis Fund

Lightpost for Living, 2114 NW 14

American Enuresis(Bed-wetting) Foundation, 3801 NW 63RD Bldg. 3 Ste. 260

Central Oklahoma Rescue Patrol, 601 NW Expressway

Hearing Loss Association of America, 11509 Condor Terr.

Scorosis Club, 1420 N Robinson

Hospital Hospitality House, 2400 First National Center

Hospital Hospitality House Inc., 505 NE 13 St.

Alcoholics Addict Recovery Center, 436 NW 12 St.


Education organizations

National Association of State Education, 2500 N Lincoln

Mercy Education Foundation

Key Club at Putnam City High School 5300 NW 50 St.

Oklahoma Association of Elementary, 4010 N Lincoln, Ste. 106

John Marshall Alumni

Putnam City Association for 5401 NW 40



In His Name Foundation, 11509 Country Drive

Wings of Hope, 6801 Broadway Ext.

American Christian Services



Heartland Sailing Foundation, 101 N Broadway

Oklahoma Running Council

Caney Creek Yacht Club, 2932 Charring Cross

The Sooner State Games, 4545 N Lincoln, Ste. G

Boy Scouts of America Troop 180, 104 SW 83 St

Aerospace America International, 5600 S MacArthur

Oklahoma City Rugby Football, 2531, NW 19 St.

Firefighters Clown Society

Oklahoma Deaf Bowling Association, 5316 NW 47

United States Gin Rummy Association, 10801 Quail Plaza Dr. Ste. D

Oklahoma Open Wrestling Tournament, 5009 N Penn, #113



Investment Securities Association 204 N Robinson

National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Toastmasters International

Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, 4020 N Lincoln

Association for Responsible Growth, 6718 N Woodward Ave.

Savings & Loan Association 2000 Classen Center, Ste. 724

Stockyards Association Local Development, 1217 S Agnew

Homeland Employees Association

Oklahoma Real Estate Association

Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, 4020 N Lincoln

American Stockyards Association

Capitol Chamber of Commerce

Oklahoma Check Cashers Association, 824 N Broadway

New Harvest Community Development, 5201 N Martin Luther King Ave.

Oklahoma City Minority Contractors, 4111 Lincoln Blvd. Ste.4

Oklahoma City Mortgage Bankers

Oklahoma City Press Club, 4545 N Lincoln,

Oklahoma City Retail Grocers, 24 NE 52

Oklahoma Council of Architects, 6323 N Grand Blvd.

Oklahoma DUI Schools Inc.

Oklahoma Neurological Society 4200 W Memorial Road

Group of Miscellaneous Common Bonds

First Urantia Society of Oklahoma, 1909 First National Center

National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, 3901 NW 23

Oklahoma Veterans Council

Foundation for Consumer Education, 502 Fidelity Plaza

Central Oklahoma Rescue Patrol, 601 NW Expressway


Communications Workers of America, Local 86135

AFL-CIO, 1141 SW 25 St.

Painters and Allied Trades Local, 1919 S Santa Fe

Oklahoma Education Association Local affiliate, the Allen Association of Classroom Teachers

Oklahoma Education Association local affiliate, the Choctaw/Nicoma Park Association of Classroom Teachers

American Postal Workers Union, locals 1785, 6222 and 6644

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1425 S Council, Ste. AA

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1700 SE 15

Oklahoma Public Employees Association, 215 NE 28

Advocacy Groups

Homeless and Orphan Fund of America, 3109 NW 10 St.

Humane Association of Oklahoma City

Legal Aid Association of Western Association, 2901 N Classen Bldg. Ste. 110

Oklahoma Family Institute, 3900 NW 39 Expressway

American Indian Arts Council

Oklahoma City Federation of Colored Women, 1440 N Everest

Americans for Human Rights, 608 NW 9 St.

Heartland Search and Rescue

Oklahomans Opposed to Corporal Punishment

Mayfair Foster Parent Association, 5713 NW 34

Oklahoma Affordable Housing

Native American Center, 4400 N Lincoln, Ste. 178


Citizens for Police Improvement, 401 Kerr McGee Building

Anti Crime Council

Federal Bureau of Investigation, 50 N Penn Plaza, Suite 1600

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Foundation

Oklahoma National Guard, 1001 N MacArthur Blvd.