Tulsa plans world’s largest kilt

Oklahoma Scottish Festival organizers have announced new details of their attempt to set a brand new World Record, and make the World’s Largest Kilt for Tulsa’s Golden Driller to wear!

It’s going to happen!  Material ordered!

The campaign launched as a joint fundraiser for both the Festival and two Veterans charities (the Wounded Warrior Project and Help for Heroes).  It is an open record and they have already registered the attempt with Guinness World Records.

“The great thing about this record attempt is that the public play a major role in it, they get to be part of the World Record attempt and choose the tartan of the World’s Largest Kilt” said Steve Campbell, Executive Director of the Scottish Festival. 

“Over the past couple months we have received donations and votes for the tartan, the winning tartan is the Black Watch, this tartan is used by Scotland’s Black Watch (Royal Scottish Regiment), an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.  Including recent support to the US Military in Baghdad, Iraq.

“The material for the kilt has now been ordered, the kilt is definitely happening, will have the material in hand within the next few weeks where we will get a team together to construct the record breaking kilt” Campbell said.

For more information about the World’s Largest Kilt and to have your corporate name on the record breaking kilt, please visit the web site by clicking here