Tulsa County passes burn ban

County Commissioners passed a resolution today creating a burn ban in Tulsa County for the next nine days.  The resolution prohibits outdoor burning in the county including controlled burns and bonfires.  The meeting was held at 1:45 p.m. in Room 315 of the Tulsa County Administration Building.

Emergency management officials have been surveying area fire departments for the last several days.  Today, the results, along with the weather forecast determined that conditions were appropriate for a burn ban according to the guidelines for extreme fire dangers set out in state law.

This burn ban allows exceptions for outdoor grilling with electric, gas and charcoal with the stipulation that all outdoor grilling must be done over a gravel or concrete surface.  In addition, all operating grills should be attended by an adult who has direct access to a water hose.

Tulsa County Commissioners also granted permission to each authority with jurisdiction for fire protection to approve exceptions to this burn ban on a case-by-case basis with appropriate precautions.

After nine days, Tulsa County Commissioners will meet to assess the need for an extended burn ban.  If significant rain fall occurs in Tulsa County, the ban may be lifted.