Echoes The Fall Tulsa debut with Drowning Pool

When the doors open Tuesday night at the historic Cain’s Ballroom fans will pour in to see popular rock band Drowning Pool. While the Dallas-based group has won over fans with such hits as “bodies,” one opener is using the show to win over new fans.

Phoenix-based Echoes The Fall, in their first Tulsa appearance, will warm up the crowd for the main event. “We’re a new band and we’re looking to rock people out,” said drummer and co-founder Mitch Gable during a recent interview. “It’s rare to find an opening band on a tour like this where people come in and are blown away – that’s definitely something we want to achieve,” he added.

According to Gable the band, which includes his brother Mike Gable, has been knocking out tunes for about six years. It wasn’t until recently though that things started to take off at warp speed. The addition of new lead signer Jeromy Moorehead along with other events have helped the band gain the ever-important exposure that all bands seek. “We got Jeromy about three months ago and right after that is when it started getting chaotic,” Gable said.

The band is managed by JMA Music, a company fronted by Michael Wittig and Joey Avalos from Tulsa’s Stars Go Dim. Coupled with their management, and the assistance of Jasen Rauch in the recording studio, Echoes The Fall recently released a self-titled EP. Rauch is a former member of Red and has also co-produced and written for Breaking Benjamin.

“We brought the right people in to guide us,” said Gable. “We hired Jasen to help teach us how to write and how to do certain things at the level that Red is at,” he said. “We just focused on writing singles, we need to break out and really the only way to break out is to have a hit song,” he said of the four-song EP. “We just want to keep giving people new music,” he added.

The band could be classified into the categories of hard rock, new metal or active rock according to Gable. The songs from their album, which are streaming on their website, seem to have a similar sound as other bands such as Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin. When asked what bands were influential to Echoes The Fall, Gable included the two along with Linkin Park, Red and Sevendust. As a drummer, Gable looks up to Dave Matthews Band drummer Carter Beauford and P.O.D.’s Wuv Bernardo. “Wuv was one of my inspirations growing up, he’s one of the drummers that I’ve learned a lot of my style from,” he said.

After opening for bands like Three Days Grace, Powerman 5000, Fuel, The Veer Union and 10 Years, Gable and his band mates will share the stage with another big name in Drowning Pool. And to top that off, their first Tulsa show will be at one of the most historic venues in the region, if not the entire country.

“Michael (Wittig) said that venue is awesome, so we’re really stoked to go there and play it,” said Gable. When asked what the fans will get out of their set, Gable simply said, “a lot of emotion and a lot of energy. We’re definitely able to draw the crowd in and give them a really good show,” he said.

Tickets for the show are $18.50 in advance and $23.50 on the day of the show and can be purchased at or by calling 866-977-6849. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m.

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