Frampton shows the way

The near sellout crowds were in line early to guarantee they would not to miss a minute of the extremely special evening of legendary rock n’ roll.  The great thing about Peter Frampton playing at The Joint is that every seat in the house has a perfect view area for the show. 

For those of you who didn’t know why this night was to be so special – play the album “Frampton Comes Alive” in it’s entirety.   

As the house lights were dimmed to blackness the anticipation of the crowd was at a fever-pitch when Frampton took the stage and immediately broke into playing "Something’s Happening" with the crowd singing right along.  He was very open and interactive with the audience throughout the night even poking fun at his cameraman for him not getting his best side. After belting a few more tracks out it was very obvious the crowd was having just as good a time as Frampton.

The stage on which Frampton and Co were playing had a pretty simple setup with a theater screen on each side showing the live action of the tonight’s events.  The large screen directly behind Frampton flashes images taking us through decades of his many concerts ranging from large arenas to small, private concerts.  It really left with us a sense of awe and admiration of how much this man has accomplished during his career.

As the night rolled on the band kept belting out tracks off of one highest selling live albums of all time and proved that just because you age doesn’t mean you any less talented or relevant.  The announcement indicating that the second disc had just started Frampton kicked into high gear playing such hits as “Do You Feel Like We Do” and a Rolling Stones cover of “Jumping Jack Flash”.  After ending his last song the audience was the advised that a short intermission would take place and Set II would begin covering Peter’s new material.

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Photos by: Kevin Pyle

This is the point in which most concerts would end but once again this wasn’t your typical concert and fans were then treated to the return of Frampton and the band for over an hour of new music and covers of some legendary songs.  We were also reminded that for just $35 we could receive the entire live performance across three CD’s which were available for purchase directly after the show.  After playing through some new material Peter had been working on he teased himself offstage but everyone heard the whispers that he loved encoring with two songs he consistently plays during the encore and most of his shows.  When the first notes of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” were played the audience went absolutely crazy as Frampton put his on personal twist on a great song.  The entire room was on their feet this point and as the last notes closed an amazing cover Peter strummed to life another cover that kept the audience on their feet throughout the rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Everyone present young and old left the auditorium knowing they had just witnessed something great.  If you ever get the chance to see Peter Frampton in the future, just know that it is money well spent.  Thanks to The Joint for providing another classic.