Johne Richardson exhibit, “Brim Down”

The Coutts Museum of Art will be holding an opening reception for the Johne Richardson exhibit, “Brim Down” this Friday, September 2, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  This reception is also running concurrently with Downtown El Dorado’s “First Friday” Artwalk.  The artist will be on hand to meet patrons and discuss his work.

“Brim Down” is an exhibit compiled from Johne Richardson’s cowboy and historical figurative work. Richardson is a national award-winning artist from Overland Park, KS. A former illustrator for Hallmark, Johne is now painting and teaching full-time.

“Johne’s cowboy work is wonderful, and this is an excellent opportunity to purchase highly collectible works of his at a great price,” stated Rod Seel, director of the Coutts. “Every piece in the show is a high quality work, at a very reasonable price, from a well-known, major award-winning artist.”

The show includes a few dozen works, mostly of real cowboys from a working ranch in the Flint Hills. Also included are some of Richardson’s noted historical figurative works, including some from the Civil War era. Signed reproductions are also available during the show.

“For myself, as an artist, the cowboy hat- the shape of the crown, the ever-changing curve to the brim as a cowboy moves, the way sunlight falls upon it from various angles, makes for exceptionally challenging and endlessly fascinating subject matter,” said Richardson.  “Cowboys wouldn’t be cowboys without their hats. Beautiful to see, challenging to capture.”

The Coutts Museum of Art, located in downtown El Dorado, Kansas is a regional art museum that houses over 1,500 works of art in a historic 1917 building. The collection includes Art of the American West, contemporary American, European, and regional Kansas art.