Mullet Over #471

The TV series “Gunsmoke” featured James Arness and aired for 20 full seasons. His character, Matt Dillon, survived a total of 59 gunshot wounds during 635 episodes.

Do you have large rodents in your area? Brazil boasts (or complains) of rodents (capybaras) that weigh in excess of 170 pounds. Should it be later determined that two legged animals are eligible for consideration, unnamed members of congress might establish new maxima in all “biggest rodent” categories.

Diamonds can naturally occur in quite a range of colors: steel gray, white (colorless), blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink, purple, brown and black. The rarest of the colors is red and it is difficult for the untrained to distinguish a red diamond from a fine ruby. However, some experts maintain that the most expensive diamonds (per carat) are generally classified as “D,” or totally without color. I purchased what I thought was a 5 carat diamond, but have become suspicious since a plastic soda straw scratched the stone.

Denmark has used the same flag design since 1625. This Scandinavian banner is recognized as the world’s oldest flag in continuous use.

Some are aware that particular phone numbers can be purchased. When more than one party desires the same number, bidding wars can result. Case in point: an anonymous person recently purchased the cell # 666-6666 for $2,750,000. And I thought my phone bill was ridiculous.

How long can you hold your breath under water? In 2008 Tom Sietas held his breath an astonishing 17 minutes 33 seconds – and lived. He beat me by 17 minutes 23 seconds.

The very first Admiral in the U.S. Navy was David Glasgow Farragut (1866). Farragut was the one who said “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” during the Battle of Mobile Bay (1864). Some claim that he said “Dampened tarpons fall on their heads,” but since David was not known to drink excessively, this account has been generally dismissed.

The first radio station commercially licensed in America was KDKA of Pittsburgh, Pa. on October 27, 1920. The station is still on the air. Most of the original broadcasters and staff have left the station for other pursuits.

The Boy Scouts of America have announced that their members can now win a merit badge for robotics. Those earning this badge must design, build and demonstrate a functioning robot.

This writer was never a stellar scout – I still use starter fluid to light BBQ charcoal. Have a great week.