It’s time to invade Mexico!

Opinion:  Rodrigo is the building superintendent of my apartment building. He is a Mexican-American and could not be more diligent and nice – a fine person and a real credit to our nation. He has done many favors for me and never asked for anything in return. There are many Rodrigos among us, and in particular Mexicans who have immigrated legally to this country are a great asset. They are generally hard working, friendly and warm people. They are happy to be Americans, and, like in Rodrigo’s case, it shows.

But why did they leave Mexico and come here? The answer is simple. Mexico, our southern neighbor, has been for centuries and continues to be a hellhole of political corruption, poverty and despair. It is indeed remarkable that a nation this vast, with great resources such as an abundance of oil (Mexico is a major petroleum producer), can be worse off than most Third World countries. It’s no secret that Mexico is routinely ranked as the most corrupt country in the world, even surpassing Nigeria.
In the last decade, the United States has invaded Iraq and waged a long war there, Afghanistan and, most recently, in other places such as Libya. The cost in human life and suffering, and American tax dollars, has been enormous – even if there was at first a rationale to join the war on terror following Sept. 11, 2001.
In Iraq’s case, our involvement was not all altruistic. While at Judicial Watch, the public-interest group I founded along with Freedom Watch, we uncovered through Freedom of Information Act Requests that the administration of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had been, along with their close friends in the Texas oil industry, dividing up Iraq’s oil fields for American companies once Iraq was invaded.

Of course, and unfortunately, the United States under both the administrations of Bush-Cheney and now Obama-Biden has never acquired Iraq’s oil as a quid pro quo to help pay for our so-called war of liberation. Ironically, this amounts to yet another foreign-policy failure if not outrage, as American citizens have been forced during hard economic times in particular to pay for this now counterproductive war. Iraq, once we leave, is nearly certain to revert to another Vietnam – only this time it won’t be the North Vietnamese who take control, but the radical Islamic mullahs in neighboring Iran. In effect, given Shiite political domination in Iraq, it is nearly certain that Iraq and Iran will merge as one great radical and dangerous Islamic state, replete with nuclear missiles to deliver atomic bombs threatening not only Israel but the entire Judeo-Christian Western world.
Last week a news report caught my attention, as the state of Mexico is going from bad to worse. It seems that Mexican drug dealers, such as the Sinaloa drug cartel, are terrorizing school teachers in the formerly desirable enclave of Acapulco and other cities around Mexico. Four teachers alone in Acapulco were kidnapped; there have been murders; and the drug cartels are now demanding that teachers turn over 50 percent of their salaries to them. All around Mexico, thousands of schools have been affected, and many are now shut down. Students as well are in harm’s way. The situation is out of control and frightening, as the people have nowhere to turn, since their government – even by the admission of the Acapulco chief of police – is untrustworthy and lacks any credibility or respect among the masses.
This "situation" in Mexico is just one of many causes for the flood of illegal immigration that has occurred across out southern border. And, in reality, who can blame a family in Mexico for taking matters into their own hands, risking their lives and violating American sovereignty to save themselves? Wouldn’t you be forced to do the same thing under these circumstances?
That is the dilemma. The United States, as frequently has occurred during our lifetimes, has placed its interest and devoted its resources to the "wrong war." Mexico is of a much greater vital interest to America than, say, Libya. And, ironically, Mexico also has large oil reserves.
The political and social establishment in Mexico – and its disgusting cesspool of a government – has in effect been waging war on our nation. The corruption there is so great that its populace has invaded our nation. And, these Mexican politicians couldn’t, in reality, care less. The exodus of Mexicans from Mexico serves a valuable purpose for them; it relieves the pressure for wide-scale revolution that would remove if not result in executions of the political and social elite.
While President Obama and his socialist comrades couldn’t care less about immigration from Mexico, we also did not hear any real proposed solutions this week during the Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library, either. There is a real lack of vision and courage on both sides of the aisle in addressing not only illegal immigration from Mexico, but also the humanitarian concerns about the plight of the good people of that country.
If I were president, I would therefore give Mexico an ultimatum: Either clean up your act in a year or face an American invasion that will eventually hand over the reigns of power to the people, with our "supervision." And, we will seize your oil to pay for this revolution!
It’s time that we as Americans start to seriously pay attention to international affairs and demand that our government represent our interests. Our president-elect in 2012 must have these credentials. Wars that advance these interests are "in our national interest," not continuing debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. For if we cannot solve the immigration problem from Mexico and protect our borders, the threat of terrorism here at home looms even larger. And, what about the good Mexican people, who as largely devout Christians are more likely to be our friends and allies than radical Muslims now in control of our "assets" in the Arab world?
Yes, if the Mexican political and social establishment does not clean up its act quickly – a nearly impossible prospect given its fatally corrupt state – it is time to invade Mexico and liberate it for our benefit and the benefit of its largely good people!

About the author: Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. His latest book is "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment."