Ron White laughs up The Joint

Friday marked another successful night for The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as a man who many refer to simply as “Tater Salad” a near-capacity crowd.

Comedian Ron White of Blue Collar Comedy Tour fame brought his Moral Compass Tour to Tulsa, drawing tons of laughs throughout the night. The evening featured a full slate of new material which proved that White is still one of the hardest working and funny people in the stand up ranks today.

White has been described as an R-rated comedian, and Friday night was no exception. White, who has gained success and notoriety since 2003’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour has in the past toned some of his language down on television, but those who were lucky enough to be in attendance got to hear the unedited version of what is some of his best material to date.

White was on fire from the beginning of the evening, and had the crowd doubled over in laughter until the evening ended with a roaring standing ovation. I cannot easily describe much of the material White performed, in part because of the content, but also because White is such a gifted story teller, I could not do his stories justice if I re-told them in writing.

White, who loves his scotch, told the crowd about chipping a tooth prior to a show in Las Vegas. Four hours before his show, he said, he demanded that someone repair the tooth because between it and him being drunk, “it didn’t look very professional,” he said.

He went on to talk about being a member of an exclusive country club where he met professional golfer Tiger Woods. You guessed it, this led to White delving into the controversy surrounding Woods’ highly publicized affairs which apparently led to an argument between White and his wife. White decided that the best way to keep himself out of trouble in the future would be to hire Woods and call him in when the wife was upset with him, in turn shifting her anger from Ron and onto Tiger.

Ron White Photos:

Photos: Kevin Pyle

There were a few old characters that reemerged in the show. Ron’s son, lovingly dubbed as “Tator Tot,” and a talking bulldog both starred once again.

Highlights of the night, however, included White’s take on the electronic pirating of music and his party in Morocco on the yacht of television personality, former psychologist and close friend Doctor Phil McGraw.

“When I was a kid, you had to go to the music counter and put an album down the back of your pants and  Sponge Bob Square Pants your way out of the store,” White said of music now being stolen through the internet. “You don’t have balls unless you do it that way,” he said.

He finished with his bit about having too much scotch while hanging out on Dr. Phil’s yacht and ultimately telling an old x-rated joke that he had scrapped from his act years ago. After falling and injuring himself on the way off the yacht, by the next day he worried that he would never be invited to return. When the phone rang and McGraw asked if he wanted to party on the yacht, a battered, bruised, bloody and embarrassed White simply said “F#$k yeah!”

White’s brother-in-law, Alex Reymundo, warmed up the crowd with a short set that played heavily on being born in Mexico, meeting his wife and her family who are from Kentucky and family. Some of the biggest laughs he received came during his bit about his wife’s family, which invoked a typical hillbilly stereotype.

Alex Reymundo Photos:

Photos: Kevin Pyle

It was a very enjoyable evening that left me with my side hurting from laughing too much. Simply put, Ron White is a genius when it comes to comedy and his ability to stretch a joke out with masterful story telling just adds to the hilarity of the show.