David Crowder Band bows out at Cain’s

altIt is a tough thing to do when you try to categorize David Crowder Band.  Is it contemporary Christian, is it worship music, is it meditative, is it just searching music?  One thing that is certain in there is no lack of talent or versatility.

Crowder started out as a worship leader at University Baptist Church in Waco, TX.  Which was started to reach unchurched students at Baylor University that is a Christian university.  His worship songs helped the church congregation to grow and with it so did his bands lineup.

Flash-forward from 1995 and you see 13 albums and EP’s later, not to mention live discs and collaborations and DCB has somewhat changed the landscape of modern worship music.  

As mentioned, the band is extremely versatile and the band often incorporates unconventional instruments and elements causing their music crosses many lines from rock, to pop, to techno, to electronic rock.  To the sold out crowd at Cain’s Ballroom on September 16, 2011 it didn’t really matter what label you tried to give it, it was just uplifting and entertaining.

The audience at this show was somewhat out of their element at the Cain’s.  They seemed to form small perimeters around themselves.  Small groups just sat in circles and listened, some pushed forward (but not to crush anyone) and most just found their spot and respected others spots.  Very hippie-esque.

David Crowder Band Photo Gallery.


Photos By: Kevin Pyle

DCB draws the crowd in with ease and keeps them involved without much banter with their audience.  There was more conversation with each other in the band than was directed toward the packed ballroom.  As if the crowd just disappeared the band was in their basement or a small recording studio just jamming.  Nonetheless, the audience was very much involved and sang each word back as if the shrine that is the Cain’s had just turned into a church.  With help of a monitor that had lyrics and some prompting from Crowder himself the place erupted in song and stayed that way for the 2 hour set.

This tour is the swan song for the collective band.  What Crowder has up his sleeve is anyone’s guess, what I would be willing to bet is that it will be forward thinking and entertaining.

If you didn’t catch them live, I high recommend getting your hands on some of their CD’s.  His early stuff is quite raw and inviting while the more current is very experimental and electric.  Whatever you have a hankering for, David Crowder Band is sure to be able to whet your whistle.

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