Korn blazes “Path of Totality” through the Brady

The weather turned colder on Wednesday night in Tulsa, but it was nice and warm inside the Brady Theater as metal band Korn churned out an exciting night of music that kept everyone in attendance moving to the beats. As the house lights went down, a large video board stretching the width of the stage displayed images of oil field equipment producing black gold. After the video shifted to microphones and instruments being unloaded from trucks and moved into an arena the band took the stage.

What took place next was a rock and roll party that lasted a solid hour and a half. The Bakersfield, California band tore through 16 songs in all, drawing from a wide range of songs from their catalog. Broken into three segments and including a three song encore, Korn did not disappoint.

“Predictable” and “Lies,” from their 1994 self-titled debut album “Korn” got the show underway, with “No Place to Hide” from the 1996 album “Life Is Peachy” and single “Proud” rounding out the first portion of the show. This tour (The Path of Totality Tour) marks the first time since the mid-1990’s that “Predictable,” “Lies,” and “No Place to Hide” have been played on stage, while “Proud” is making it’s full-time stage debut.

After a couple of minutes of silence, broken up by the crowds chants of “Korn, Korn, Korn,” front-man Jonathan Davis traded in his black tank top for a black long-sleeve shirt and the group took off into a five-song set that featured songs from their upcoming album “The Path of Totality.” The Large video board came to life above the raised drum kit during “Narcissistic Cannibal,” flashing shots of cars jam-packing a freeway. Several smaller video boards and five towers displayed flames as the band continued on through “Kill Mercy Within.”

The crowd didn’t let up throughout the new portion of the show, bouncing and waving their hands and arms as the show took on a hybrid metal/dubstep sound that Korn pulled off surprisingly well. “My Wall,” “Get Up,” and “Way Too Far” closed out the new material. Never being much of a talker, Davis closed out the portion of the show by telling the crowd that the material they just heard was off of their new album. “It comes out on December 6,” Davis said. “Pick that (expletive) up!”

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Photos by: Kevin Pyle

Following another very brief break during which old video footage of the band played across the video boards, Davis and crew cranked it up another notch. The band launched into 2002’s “Here to Stay” as the energy level of the crowd continued to rise. “Freak on a Leash” emptied the seats and brought everyone to their feet while “Falling Away From Me” kept them bouncing to the bass line. Korn then broke out their cover of the Pink Floyd classic “Another Brick in the Wall,” which drew a large round of cheers from the audience. After a short crowd sing-along the band thanked the fans and left the stage.

Shouts of “Korn, Korn, Korn!” and “Encore!” filled the air and the band wasted little time returning to the stage to finish what they had started. Davis returned to the stage playing the bagpipes before taking off into a very entertaining version of “Shoots and Ladders” that included a teaser of Metallic’s “One.” Riding the momentum of the night, they continued with “Got the Life,” before closing out with their first-ever single, “Blind.”

Then the night was over, almost as soon as it seemed it had started. Usually that is the sign of a great show, and that was the case at the Brady Theater on Wednesday night.