Puscifer brings Arizona desert to Brady

Sometimes you run across people who are innately creative.  They can’t help it.  It is who they are at their core.  Be it in art, music, writing or just taking in someone else’s creativity that allows one to stretch in contemplation of the “bigger picture that drives a true artist forward to original significant art.

Maynard James Keenan of Puscifer has no short supply – constantly out on the edge in spoken word and musical performance to create beauty in complex, and sometimes quite obscure ways. 

Puscifer brought their brand of trailer park art to the Brady Theater, this past Friday evening and did not disappoint in having people dancing, shouting and laughing throughout the entire set.  The set started with a “mockumentary” of sorts, about the adventures of Billy D. and Hildy.  A white trash couple that was known for their over-the-top look, blonde wigs, cheesy mustache, gobs of make-up, big hair and throw back 1970’s clothes, perhaps a mad dash through the Hee-Haw wardrobe room or perhaps some rejected costume choices from the Grand Ole Opry.  A story of a man, and his woman desperately in love, hell-bent on destroying one another, through lying, cheating, drinking, cheating, cussing, stealing and cheating.

This was followed by Keenan pulling an Airstream trailer onto the stage and beginning to tell the tale of Puscifer in spoken word.  He began by unpacking folding tables, chairs, a wind up music box and a snake statue (that was stolen at the end of the show), a charcoal grill and his beverage of choice, wine and glasses.  He also unpacked his partner in Puscifer and show opener Carina Round, who handed him a jar of “shine” and continued to unpack the trailer to set up what would be the backdrop for this sight and sound extravaganza.  Keenan continuing with his spoken words about, retreating into the desert to “find” oneself, as well as telling his endless pursuit of something just past himself that ended with him simply saying, "Life is too short not to create something with every breath we draw."

Joining Keenan and Round onstage was the rest of Puscifer, the band.  A stripped down band of guitars, bass, drums and keyboards grouping that exploded into some of the most unique and artistic sounds I have ever heard.  Unlike Keenan’s other bands, Tool and A Perfect Circle, Puscifer is much more artful, and emotionally driven.  It gives listeners a chance to go along for a ride that causes thought, more so than just be entertained.  If this is Puscifer’s mission, consider it accomplished.

Puscifer photo gallery.


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

Carina Round provides a voice blending that is sultry and passionate, dark and melodic.  It fits great with Maynard.  The two were lost in the shadows of the stage set and choose to let their voices be front and center.  A photographers nightmare but an artist desire, to let the music stand and allow themselves to disappear.  

Carina Round, as stated before, was the concert “support” as she called it.  She is incredibly talented and strong vocally.  She had male and female audience members swooning with her stage presence and sexiness.  Many of which threw compliments her way of her look and dress, to which was met with, “I wish I could hear you.” from Round.

The evening was absurd and surprising, creative and artistic.  Everything you want in a concert or spoken word performance.  You walk away entertained, but feeling slightly odd, like someone has just snuck something in on you.