Iowa narrows the race

Declaring “Game on” Rick Santorum accepted victory or thereabouts last evening with a personal, poignant, and passionate declaration of principles and traditional values.  His close rival, Mitt Romney, also declared victory, but sadly demonstrated his greatest weakness.

A vibrant Santorum said, “Thank you so much, Iowa, for standing up and not compromising, by standing up and being bold.  You have taken the first step toward taking back this country.”

In contrast, Romney has been running for president for at least 6 years, but to most careful observers still seems manufactured.  “Too slick” is the slam
most often heard in Tulsa and speaking after the Iowa Caucus vote
Tuesday night, Romney uttered mostly prepared catchphrases.   He
appeared stiff and uncomfortable – much like President Obama without a

Iowa Republican chairman Matt Strawn announced early Wednesday that Romney ended up with 30,015 votes to 30,007 for Santorum – the moral equivalent of a win according to the Santorum camp because their support grew so fast in the last couple of weeks.

“This is a Cinderella story,” said Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, the only statewide elected official to endorse Santorum. “Two weeks ago we were in last place.”

Santorum’s surge was built on a traditional or “retail” caucus campaign.  He appeared often, met as many activists as possible, and paid attention to voters directly.

 “This has been an incredible journey – all 99 counties, 381 town hall meetings, 36 Pizza Ranches,” Santorum said.

“God has given us this great country to allow his people to be free,” Santorum added. “I offer a public thanks to God.”

As Santorum builds on a growing body of active conservative support nationwide, Romney hovers at about the same 25 percent of public support.  There is a problem with Romney national pundits don’t seem to want to recognize.  Romney is a bit effeminate or overly refined in manor.  He speaks of the politics of his electability, but not the foundational principles or purpose for his effort. 

Of course, all Republicans should recognize by this time that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Socialist or Marxist, or Communist – take your pick – a totalitarian actively asserting that the Rule of Law (the Constitution and Congress) does not limit his rule.  Running against Obama and knowing that whoever does will be relentlessly slandered and libeled by elitist media, bureaucrats, tree worshipers, and other fringe elements currently dominating national debate is no surprise.  We get that, Mr. Romney.  The question is do the voters trust you to bring small-government, conservative solutions to America should you be elected?  Trust in Romney…not so much the caucus results show.

This is also the fundamental reason Jon Huntsman hasn’t a snowflakes chance in hell – anyone who looked knew Obama’s policies were contrary to the Constitution, his background suspect, his honesty questionable – so why would Huntsman serve as a token Republican Ambassador?  The apparent answer:  Because Huntsman thinks more of his individual ambition than of his personal principles or character which is what he has in common with President Obama. 

Santorum vowed to offer something different than other Republicans by focusing on bolstering the nation’s industrial base.

“There is another vision that some Republicans offer which is just let’s cut taxes, let’s just reduce spending and everything will be fine,” he said.  Illustrating difference, Santorum called for a focus on industrial jobs.   Why are jobs leaving America he asked?  “…because government made the work uncompetitive by driving up the cost of doing business.”

For years elitist government and financial centers have praised “globalization” saying America didn’t need to make anything – we could just shuffle paper for a good living.  Funny thing, until the great international robbery of 2008 (crisis caused by crime) it worked for the most part, but evil was growing from the seed planted by Congress that everyone in America must own their homes, have a guaranteed; job, education, healthcare and nose wiping as government regulators may require each of us to blow.  In Oklahoma, we call that bullshit.

Santorum closed his campaign victory speech in Iowa with an appeal to young people for the obvious reason saying, the government must be reduced.  “It will crush your pocketbook in the future,” he said. “Hold the candidates accountable to the intractable problem of exploding government,” he added.

To hear Rick Santorum’s victory speech, click here.

Results for Iowa Republican Caucus (U.S. Presidential Primary)

Jan 03, 2012 (100% of precincts reporting)

Mitt Romney       30,015    24.6%
Rick Santorum    30,007    24.5%
Ron Paul              26,219    21.4%
Newt Gingrich     16,251    13.3%
 Rick Perry           12,604    10.3%