Mullet Over #492

Some historians/scientists claim that the Great Pyramid of Cheops (built approximately 4700 years ago) is the world’s largest manmade clock. Wide paved “avenues” were arranged so that the shadow of the pyramid’s peak would accurately indicate current centuries, years, seasons, days and hours – a timepiece that never requires winding.

All celestial stars (not the Hollywood kind) are thought to be made up of hydrogen atoms being fused (much like gigantic hydrogen bombs). When a star’s nuclear fuel is exhausted, the spent has-been usually becomes either a supernova or a white dwarf (like Sneezy or Grumpy, I guess). White dwarfs decay into neutron stars weighing an estimated 20 billion tons per cubic inch. I have no idea how one would weigh such an item.  I promise no more astronomy or physics today.

Christopher Columbus did not spend his final years in destitution, as some have reported. However, he did lose much of his influence when Queen Isabella died (1504). King Ferdinand persuaded Columbus to retire to a home in Valladoid, Spain where the famous explorer passed away on May 20, 1506. Subsequent to his death, accounts become murky. Apparently most historians concur that Columbus was buried in Seville (where some claim his remains remain), but others cite evidence that his body was moved and re-buried in Santo Domingo while others believe his bones are interred somewhere in Cuba. There exists a small group of DNA experts that are attempting to align a strategy that might verify or refute some of these contentions.

Paul Bunyan had a terrier named Elmer the Moose.

I suppose most places “enjoy” eccentrics known as “local characters.” For years San Francisco boasted of a man named Joshua Norton (1819-1880) who had declared himself to be “Emperor of the United States.” Mr. Norton once possessed considerable wealth, but he lost his entire fortune by investing in Peruvian rice. It was shortly after his financial catastrophe that the newly impoverished man appeared to lose his sanity. The city populace affectionately adopted the “emperor” and many local establishments honored paper money issued by the pseudo monarch. More than 30,000 people turned out in tribute for Emperor Norton’s funeral.

Billie Jean Eshlimar was the wife of country singer Hank Williams when he died (1953). The same Billie Jean was the wife of country singer Johnny Horton when he died (1960).

Well, exercise caution when considering Peruvian rice as a major investment – and have a great day.