A day with Camryn

Spending a day with Camryn is a high energy adventure.  The young singer is very talented and can belt out melodies like she owns them and she does.  She cares about her fans, music, and  message.  She works the music business  like a singer destined to reach the top and I am delighted to report – this girl is outstandingly good.

Appearing in Oklahoma on a middle school tour, Camryn entertained with
four shows at Jenks Jr. High last week then the next day played four more at Coweta Jr. High.

Tulsa Today covers music  throughout Oklahoma and we wanted to spend some time getting to know her so we went to Coweta, the smaller of the two schools.  It worked out different than planned, but it was great fun to spend a  good part of the day with Camryn and crew.

Fresh off her tour as the opening act for singing star Cody Simpson, Camryn at 12 ½ years old, has the poise of a seasoned veteran.  She has a loud strong voice that fills a room – even a big room full of noisy people during lunch.

Her national tour with Cody Simpson solidified Camryn as  an emerging talent in the singing world.  With over 800,000+ Facebook fans, Camryn is  proving to be a young teen favorite.   Her first single, “Wait And See” from the Judy  Moody soundtrack, empower listeners to make the most of life and not let anyone  or anything stop them.  Her songs “So  What Oh Well” and “Summer” were featured in the family flick “Judy Moody and the NOT bummer summer” as the zombie cheerleader.  Camryn also appeared in the movie in a brief cameo.

“I’m super nervous every show, I still am”
Camryn chuckled as we talked between shows.

I think she was just being modest.  Even though I’m two years older I doubt I could bring that much energy to a stage as well as Camryn does.

Camryn says she is still getting used to the star life
and how public performances work.  But as  she stepped (or most often jumped) on stage she delivered well written music in a powerful voice with a winning personal smile.

She means that smile.  Camryn cares about connecting with the audience and making as many friends as possible – real friends.

Last year Camryn sang at the Tulsa State Fair and she will appear again this year.  She said Tulsa has one of the best State Fairs in the country and she keeps up with friends she met who have become close.

A rising star working to be the best at what she does, Camryn said, “I don’t wanna be someone that I’m not.  I don’t wanna play songs that I’m not.  I just wanna be who I am and stay true to

The Coweta Jr. High crowd responded with enthusiasm.  Camryn autographed posters and t-shirts and her CDs were available for sale.  She went from table to table to introduce herself and said later, “Some kids are shy and if I see them hanging back at the edge of the crowd – I go to them to
say hi.”

Camryn invited my editor and I to join her and the band as they met with radio station K-Hits 106.9 later in the day.  Arriving at the station studios at 71st and Yale, I was surprised the band had stopped to pick up fancy cupcakes for us
all.  Yes, they were delicious.

The band brought acoustical guitars and without a mike Camryn sang several of her songs during the time we talked around the station conference table.  A video of one is posted on YouTube, click here to see Camryn as she sings at Tulsa’s K-Hits 106.9.

Telling us she was nervous at the studio, a 106.9 K-Hits jockey said, “I have a hard time believing you are ever that nervous, I saw you beltin’ out back stage at the Tulsa State Fair.”

Camryn answered, “Well that’s backstage… in front of people I know.”

Maybe she does get nervous, but I agree with the radio people that no one would know it by how she sings and preforms.

Like anyone; you may ask how she got started.  What made all of this happen?  I asked and got the story.

Camryn said she was about 7 years old when her mother noticed she had a great voice.

Camryn and her mother decided to produce a demo record and find an agent to help her with the
business side of music.  Camryn’s mom had
worked with one respected agent so they sent the demo to Jeff Pringle of 528 Media.  At that time, Pringle was into the “rock world” and because of her young age, Pringle said no.

“After growing into my voice and my face”, Camryn
said, she met with Pringle again and he changed his mind.  She even “got him to cut off his long hair
and now he wears converse and skinny jeans,” Camryn said with a laugh.

She is sweet, kind, and truthful – a girl that holds
solid values as do the people around her.  Camryn wants to stay true to herself and that means
a lot to her.   She just finished her new album (release date first quarter 2012) and next can be seen here as the opening act for the popular boy band AllStar Weekend on October 2nd at the
Tulsa State Fair.  She hopes to see you there.

Camryn is an amazing singer and I will be listening to her music every day. I hope you chose to include her in your playlist.  You will be glad you did.

Editor’s Note:  It is part of Tulsa Today’s mission to help local writers of any age develop their talent and to report on their interests. The editor that accompanied Caley Deann was very impressed with her observations and good questions.  This is
her first published work, but we hope she will write more for you in the near future.