Republicans ready to caucus

Oklahoma Republicans will meet this Saturday for the Party’s most important leadership gathering –  in each neighborhood statewide.

Oklahoma State Republican Party Rules define the precinct committee as the “Supreme” Republican Party authority and this Saturday we caucus to decide local, state and national positions.

Only registered Republicans are allowed to vote at the meetings and Precinct Chairmen will check voter registration.  You must attend the precinct meeting to be eligible to attend the County and State Conventions.  Each precinct will elect representatives to represent them at the larger gatherings.

To find your precinct leadership, meeting location, or the current party platform, click here.

At the precinct meetings, Republicans are encouraged to submit resolutions for vote.  Those motions may; amend the Tulsa County Republican Party Platform, endorse a candidate for office, amend the rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party or provide other types of resolutions such as issue endorsements or opposition statements.  This is also an opportunity to elect precinct leadership and discuss current city, state and national issues important to your precinct.

This writer is Chairman of Precinct 30 which encompasses the Central Business District of the City of Tulsa.  Our meeting will be held in the Wright Building, 115 West 3rd Street, Suite 190, Tulsa, on Saturday February 4th at 10:00 am in the Tulsa Today offices.  In addition to other business, we will conduct a Presidential Straw Poll.  We also discuss party operational issues of financial transparency and future leadership.

I relish the opportunity to meet with Republican neighbors.  These are days of great national importance and the beginning of all positive change is individual commitment.  

The Tulsa County Republican Convention will be held March 24th at the Union Performing Arts Center, 6636 South Mingo Rd., Tulsa with registration beginning at 8:00 and the convention to begin at 9:30 am.