Happy 101st President Reagan

Americans for Prosperity has produced a video greeting for President Ronald Reagan’s birthday today that contrasts President Obama’s 
pessimism, big government policies, and class warfare rhetoric approach to that of the Gipper’s free market policies.

President Reagan launched his effort to return America to greatness with
simple but profound words during his first inaugural speech on January
20, 1981: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem." From there he put words into action passing historic tax cuts and cutting back on onerous government regulations. 

As a result of President Reagan’s free market policies, our nation enjoyed the second longest peacetime economic expansion in history with 21 million new American jobs, exploding personal incomes, broad-based prosperity and renewed optimism for our nation.

Consider President Obama’s very different approach: higher taxes, reckless government spending, and job-killing regulations and red tape — all in pursuit of a liberal ideology. The results are exactly what you’d expect: anemic economic growth, massive new debt, high unemployment, and a reduced workforce.

Tim Phillips, President, Americans for Prosperity writes, "Happy Birthday, President Reagan. We miss your optimism, your love of America, and your belief in the power of freedom."  Click here to see the video on YouTube.