The Rev brings the Good Word at Cain’s

Reverend Horton Heat (RHH) brought a stellar set to the Cain’s Ballroom and, for Tulsans, it shines as a much anticipated annual happening.  For the band; Cain’s is one of their favorite places to play. 

“You know people ask us all the time, ‘Where is your favorite place to play?’ Without a doubt the Cain’s definitely comes to mind when I am asked,” says Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath.   They are always very good in the old Ballroom and, in turn, Tulsa and the “old 423” are good to them. 

This writer has been to several RHH shows and each one has been completely different.  There are some things that you know are going to happen.  Upright bassist, Jimbo Wallace laying the bass down and Rev standing on it and playing, the back to back grandstanding that is so much a part of their live offering, bass spins, calloused hands slapping wildly against the thick strings of said standup bass.  All that in check, there is no cookie cutter set list at a RHH show.

On this night it was no different, launching immediately in “Psychobilly Freakout” off the 1st album “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”.  This proved to be a trip down memory lane, album by album, a real treat to RHH virgins.  “Freakout” was followed by “400 Bucks”, a song that tells the tale a Rev lending his woman money for a car, only to become estranged and want his money back, problem is she won’t pay him back.

Each song was intro’d by what album it came from and was met with amazing enthusiasm and thunderous cheers.  Stand out tunes, “Galaxy 500,” “Martini Time,” “Five-O Ford,” and “Don’t Take the Baby to the Liquor Store.”  At one the comment was made that the end of their set list had been reached and in the old days they would just play whatever they wanted, which is pretty much what happened.   The rest of the night was met with requests from the near capacity crowd. Hmm, a band that digs their fans so much they take requests, imagine that.

Reverend Horton Heat slideshow


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

The band that is Reverend Horton Heat, Jim Heath, Jimbo Wallace and Paul Simmons, love their craft, have managed to fine tune it, and have a great relationship with each other and their extremely loyal fans, which keeps RHH coming back and keeps fans packing venues no matter how often they are there.

You will not be disappointed at a Reverend Horton Heat show.  They will be back.  You should go!