Obama flag disgraces nation veterans say

A Democratic HQ in Lake County Florida has taken down a flag featuring the face of Barack Obama, after irate veterans literally stormed the front porch of the building demanding its removal.
This flag is a disgrace, directly violating the U.S. flag code according to the veterans. When confronted, The Democratic Chair Nancy Hulbert at first threatened to call the police, but finally decided to look up the flag code. At that point she decided to take it down.

“I can’t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag,” Don Van Beck, a Korean war veteran, said.

Western Journalism Center has more quotes and the local broadcast story, click here for that posting.

Searching online, Tulsa Today found such a flag for sale listed as"US Obama (face) National Flag" for $24.95 from Ultimate Flags which claims they have recently been threatened.
The site has a note posted saying, "We have recently been threatened by people who demand we take this flag down. Some of these people claim to be veterans who fought for our freedom and are offended by it. It is ironic that one freedom they fought for was the freedom of speech and expression. Being an American means you can do and say what you please and that even unpopular expression and speech are protected.

"We’ve never shied away from flags that have controversy connected to them and we’re not going to start now," they continue.

"Therefore in the name of patriotism and to HONOR those who love freedom most (our veterans), we steadfastly refuse to be pressured into dropping this flag from the store. There are a limited number of these flags in stock. If you want, you can buy them up and burn them – or fly them proudly. That is your choice," the sales site adds in conclusion.

Funny how some believe that freedom has no responsibility and that anything goes.  The two are linked by Laws of Nature at least. 

Of course when former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi  was asked where the Constitution gave Congress the authority to take over health care, she didn’t mount a defense; she sneered, "Are you serious?"  Thus, one could suggest it proper to sneer back asking if her sworn oath to defend the Constitution (or anything else she says) is more than flatulence.

Then again, President Obama thinks he can do anything (go to war, bomb countries, avoid Congress, change business law, lie, steal, cheat, etc. all between imperial vacations) and apparently continue that activity until voters stop him. 

Welcome to America 2012.  Is it time to vote yet?