Oilers Coach Ramsay hosts power skating clinics

Skating is the most important element in becoming a better hockey player and now Oilers Head Coach Bruce Ramsay is giving all aspiring hockey players an opportunity to enhance their skating skills.

Starting Wednesday, April 18th, Ramsay will host a weekly Power Skating Clinic at the Oilers Ice Center located at 64th and Mingo.  The sessions will run from 6-7 p.m. every Wednesday evening through June 6th.

The Power Skating Clinic, available for ages 4-18, will increase skating strength, speed, and endurance while also focusing on proper body position, edge control, and conditioning.

“The power skate will run weekly throughout the summer with the help of Tulsa Oilers hockey players like Sean Erickson who also has good experience in teaching skating techniques,” said Ramsay.  “I used to run these sessions in Michigan and all kids dramatically improved their skating techniques over time and the clinics were a huge benefit to all the kids in the association.”

The cost is $150 per participant and the price will be pro-rated for anyone who cannot attend each session.

If you are interested in taking your skating skills to the next level or if your child is eager to learn proper skating techniques, contact Justin Lund at the Oilers Ice Center at 918-252-0011.