Open enrollment for child-only coverage starts Friday

Open enrollment for child-only insurance coverage in Oklahoma begins June 1st and runs through July 31st.  During this time, children age 1-18 can enroll in child-only coverage without a qualifying event.
The lack of child-only policies was an unintended consequence of the federal Affordable Care Act passed in 2010.  It left about 4 percent of Oklahoma children with no options for insurance.

"This segment of the market is important, even though it’s small," said Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak.  "We have grandparents on Medicare who are raising a grandchild.  

"While they don’t need a family health insurance policy, they do need an individual policy for that child," Doak added.

State and industry officials worked together to restore the coverage.  The Insurance Department requested an emergency rule to enable insurance companies to offer child-only policies in Oklahoma.  After Gov. Mary Fallin signed it, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and CommunityCare launched programs to provide coverage for children 1-18 years old.  The Oklahoma High Risk Pool voted to provide insurance for babies younger than one, if they aren’t covered by a family policy or Medicaid. 

How to Enroll
Child-Only Coverage for Ages 1-18
CommunityCare – or call 918-594-5225
Blue Cross Blue Shield – or call 866-303-2583
Child-Only Coverage for Newborns
Oklahoma High Risk Pool – or call 877-885-3717
The regular open enrollment period is held each year from June 1st – July 31st. When open enrollment ends, special enrollment will only be available for children 31 days after they undergo a qualifying event.  If you have any questions, please contact the OID’s Consumer Assistance Division at (800) 522-0071.  The Oklahoma Insurance Department, an agency of the State of Oklahoma, is responsible for the education and protection of the insurance-buying public and for oversight of the insurance industry in the state.