Endorsing Brooks Mitchell, Corporation Commission

This Corporation Commission race between Bob Anthony and Brooks Mitchell is the only statewide contest on the ballot Tuesday, June 26.  As both are Republicans; the difference is competency in the current decade.

Bob Anthony has, in decades past, worked hard for the people of Oklahoma.  However, for many recent years, he has coasted on past accomplishments and “phoned in” participation.  He is cantankerous, simple minded and oblivious to much including the character and conduct of his own staff which, according to the Oklahoma Public Employees Association, may soon result in the filing of formal grievances.

Avoiding term-limits (Grandfathered in) Anthony has held office for 24 years.  He thinks he owns the position and doesn’t have to earn it despite what his radio campaign commercials claim.

Brooks Mitchell, is a Conservative Republican that worked for nine years as the administrator of the Commission.  He often dealt with problems Anthony created and has the private support of the other Corporation Commissioners and the majority of Conservative Republican Legislative and Administrative government in Oklahoma.   Only a very few who have worked with Anthony enjoy the experience.

Mitchell is a hardworking, dedicated public servant that previously owned his own CPA firm and is detail orientated – a critical personality trait in a Corporation Commissioner.  Mitchell is also calm, serious and dedicated to advancing the best interests of all Oklahomans.

In all truth, the Corporation Commission is the most difficult, less known, but most detailed job in Oklahoma government.  They are the only Oklahoma government agency to meet daily.  The Commission deals with utility regulations and public rates, trucking regulations, oil and gas drilling, and telephone technologies.  (For example:  There are over 400 telephone companies providing service in Oklahoma.)

Without hesitation or reservation, Tulsa Today endorses Brooks Mitchell in this race.

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