Endorsing John Sullivan, Congressional 1st District

In the most closely watched race in Tulsa to be decided Tuesday June 26; Rep. John Sullivan is being challenged by Jim Bridenstine.

With considerable regard for Bridenstine; why does he think that his first attempt to win public office should land him in Washington?  Further, some of his supporters told this writer that even this national office is just a stepping stone to Senator Tom Coburn’s Senate Seat.  

America has one unknown that came from nowhere to become President of the United States and we don’t need to make that mistake again.  Bridenstine shows just a bit too much audacity in this, his first campaign.  Even more audacity than Barack Hussein Obama – is that possible?  Apparently it is in Bridinstine’s filing.  At least Obama served in his state legislature.

We would like to vote for Bridenstine for a local, county, or state office.  We would like to see him in action over time on issues of public concern in the heat of contentious debate.  

Bridenstine notes his swim team successes in stump campaign speeches.  Thankfully, he doesn’t talk about kindergarten awards, but what he does speak on is still not the level of leadership necessary on the national stage.

On a personal note:  I won a patriotic writing award from Francis Scott Key Elementary School, but that dropped off my resume many years ago.  I am also an Eagle Scout (with two palm award levels above) and a member of the Order of the Arrow, but that alone doesn’t qualify me for Congress.

Bridenstine notes multiple assignments as a combat Navy pilot.  All of which are honorable and patriotic, but not leadership – that’s command within a unique operational system not leadership of other equals free to ignore him.

Success claimed by Bridenstine at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum is disputed within the membership of the Board of Directors, click here to read the latest on that issue.

Further, Tulsa Today sees no reason to fire (not elect) a dedicated, skilled, and proven conservative representative with the advantage of tenure on important committees highly impactful to Oklahoma.

Rep. Sullivan has served in Congress now over ten years (not eleven years as Bridenstine mistakenly asserts) after earning broad support in eight years within the Oklahoma Legislature.  Sullivan is an active member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the most powerful and sought-after committees, and now serves as the Vice Chairman of the Energy and Power Subcommittee.  He is known among his colleagues as the expert in residence on oil and natural gas issues critical to Oklahoma.

In that capacity, Sullivan has passed two bills through Congress this year to protect American workers and to force the EPA to do a cost benefit analysis on regulations that reduce employment in the United States.  Sullivan will be a fundamental part of upcoming negotiations as Congress struggles to develop a comprehensive energy strategy all agree is needed.

It is odd that Sullivan is rated as the most conservative member of the Oklahoma Congressional delegation yet he is being challenged from someone claiming to be even more conservative.

Tulsa Today has disagreed with Rep. John Sullivan, but not that often.  We know he has made mistakes in the past, but he has owned up to those mistakes and the lessons learned have made him a better human being and representative of Oklahoma.  We are proud of Rep. John Sullivan and his service to Oklahoma.

Tulsa Today strongly endorses Rep. John Sullivan in this race.

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