Convoy of Hope responds to Colorado wildfires, Minnesota flooding

Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response Team is conducting relief efforts to aid survivors of recent devastating wildfires in Colorado and damaging floods in Minnesota.  A tractor-trailer load of product arrived at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colo., containing gloves, shovels, contractor grade trash bags, energy drinks and water. The items are being distributed to firefighters, volunteers and survivors who are facing the worst fire season in Colorado history.

“In addition to distributing supplies, we delivered a load of ice from Denver to some of the areas affected,” says Jeff Nene, public relations director for Convoy of Hope. “Our assessment team has also been on the ground in Boulder and the Colorado Springs area to determine if we can be of help there.”

In Cloquet, Minn., where the St. Louis and Cloquet rivers have overflowed their banks and caused damaging floods, Convoy of Hope is working with Good Hope Church to help residents clean up.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situations in Colorado and Minnesota in the coming days and respond accordingly,” says Karen Benson, global disaster response director for Convoy of Hope.