Doak: More legal challenges of Obamacare?

Disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare, Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak said he will do his duty under the law.  However, potential legal challenges remain, namely on the issues of religious freedom and navigators.

“Today’s ruling gives the federal government wide-ranging powers it has never had before,” said Doak. “Not only is it a federal overreach into citizens’ lives, but it is also the largest tax increase on the middle class in American history. Taxpayers can’t afford this ill-conceived law and they deserve a full repeal."
Doak remains opposed to the use of unlicensed navigators, an element of Obamacare that threatens consumer protections.
“I am committed to insurance products and services being offered by licensed agents and brokers, not unlicensed navigators. Licensed agents and brokers are the front-line advocates for consumer protection in the state of Oklahoma,” Doak said.
“A one-size-fits-all big government policy creates more problems than it solves,” said Doak. “The mandates increase costs for employers, insurance companies and consumers. They also compromise religious freedoms. The federal government shouldn’t be interfering in the private lives of Americans. We can reduce health costs without compromising freedom and access to care with conservative polices like association health plans and being able to purchase insurance policies across state lines.”
Commissioner Doak said he is looking forward to the upcoming Presidential election and hopes the new Congress takes immediate steps to repeal Obama’s health insurance takeover.