African-American Christians can’t get meeting with Obama

The rubber may be meeting the road in the relationship Barack Obama has with African-Americans who are believing Christians.

The Coalition of African American Pastors, fed up with Obama’s
anti-Biblical stance on gay marriage, is demanding a meeting with Obama
— and so far, they’re getting nowhere. 

The Reverend Bill Owens, spokesman for the group, said:

“We have requested a meeting with President Obama and until he meets with us, we are going to ask black Christians to withhold their support until he personally hears our concerns. More than anything, this is an issue of biblical principles and President Obama is carrying our nation down a dangerous road. Many African-Americans were once proud of our president but now many are ashamed of his actions. We can’t compete with the Hollywood folks who are raising the big bucks for the president. But it was black folks who rallied around him in 2008 and for him to ignore our request with a group of clergy who represents tens of thousands of black Christians of many denominations is an insult. Let me be clear about this; our group does not speak for any denomination – not the AME (African Methodist Episcopal Church) nor COGIC (Church of God In Christ) or anyone else. But many of our pastors represent a number of African-American Christians who are tired of being taken for granted. One foolish move could ruin the president’s chances for a second term and I believe he is dangerously close to making such a mistake by ignoring us. You have to stand on the Word of God regardless of your race or political affiliation. If the president is serious about his faith then why would he not meet with men of faith of his own race?"

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