2nd CD GOP Runoff: Miller Endorses Mullin

State Treasurer Ken Miller today endorsed Markwayne Mullin for Congress in the 2nd District, and said Mullin’s business record and financial discipline give Republicans their best chance for victory. 

“There’s a striking difference between the two runoff candidates in both
their business track record and campaign tactics. I am supporting
Markwayne Mullin for two primary reasons: he has a proven record of
growing jobs and resisting debt, and his campaign has been focused on
issues rather than attacking his opponent. 

“I served in the House with George and have spent much time getting to know Markwayne. After many conversations with Markwayne, I am confident in his dedication to correcting the federal government’s massive spending problem and in his commitment to repealing ObamaCare,” Miller said. “As an employer with more than 120 employees, Markwayne understands better than most the damage that nationalized health care would do to small businesses and the national debt.
“With Markwayne’s proven conservative financial record in running a business debt free, he’s exactly the type of person we need in Congress at this critical time in our nation’s history. I trust he will never compromise on stopping mandates and taxes which hurt the states and kill jobs.”

Miller said that Mullin is a refreshing candidate, a plain-spoken and successful business owner. “Markwayne has worked hard, invested, and grown his company from a few service vans to more than 80. His success story sets him apart in this race, so it is clear why voters embraced his candidacy with such a large primary victory margin.”
Mullin said he’s honored to have Miller’s endorsement.
“It’s great to have the endorsement of a leader like Treasurer Miller who has set himself apart as a fiscal conservative, especially because he knows both candidates fairly well. We have clear momentum, and the support of such a well-respected statewide Republican official like Ken Miller is something we would have considered out of our reach a few months ago,” Mullin said.