Mullet Over #520

I recommend extreme caution when hiking in Sri Lanka. In 2010, the
island nation averaged one human death due to poisonous snake bites
every 12 hours. Yikes. 

Are you a serious consumer of cheeseburgers? Friona is a town of about 4,000 in Northwest Texas. Each July the local population hosts a Cheeseburger Cook-Off and Festival. The state legislature has designated Friona as the Cheeseburger Capital of Texas. You may call 806-250-3491 for cook-off entry details.

America’s first billionaire was John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937). His fortune was primarily from the oil industry.

The famous Sioux chief and medicine man, Sitting Bull (1831?-1890), was killed by Indian Agency Police. Originally buried at Fort Yates, North Dakota, the chief’s earthly remains were moved by some of his Lakota Sioux kin in 1953 to a new location at Mobridge, South Dakota.

Does your neighborhood seem crowded? Folks who monitor the world’s population claim that every day approximately 390,000 babies are born and about 150,000 people die, which implies a daily net gain of 140,000 people.

Have you been watching any of the London Olympic Games? London was purportedly founded in 43 B.C. I do not know who found it.

Abraham Lincoln apparently shopped at Tiffany’s. One of their receipts certifies that Honest Abe purchased a string of pearls with matching earrings and bracelet for $2,600. Rumor has it that our 16th president promptly gave the jewelry to his wife, Mary.

A famous photograph shows Mary Lincoln wearing the Tiffany pearls.

Medical historians estimate that at least 500,000 men became addicted to morphine during and shortly after the American Civil War.

In 1960 Fidel Castro was given a ticker-tape parade down our famous Wall Street (NYC).