TU football breaks to bowl

The Tulsa football team practiced for two hours on Friday morning and in the afternoon took a break from meetings and traveled to 31st and Sheridan for a bowling tournament at Sheridan Lanes.

“We felt like after the grind we’ve had in fall camp, we felt it was important to get an afternoon where we can relax and so we canceled what they thought we were going to have this afternoon in meetings and decided to have a little bowling tournament and it looks like they’re enjoying themselves,” said Blankenship. “The idea was to freshen up our minds a little bit. I think it will help going into the scrimmage tomorrow.”

The team of D. Brown (a.k.a. Team ‘Dre), captained by senior linebacker DeAundre Brown, captured the 26-team single elimination tournament title. Team members included defensive backs Marcus Pate and Austin McDaniel and receiver Conner Floyd. Team ‘Dre defeated the team captained by junior quarterback Cody Green, 132-105 in the championship match.

Team Green was comprised of junior offensive lineman Davis Walton, freshman deep snapper Jake Compton and freshman kicker Daniel Schwarz.

Team ‘Dre reached the finals with a 156-88 victory over Team Rose, captained by senior cornerback Lowell Rose, while Team Green defeated Team Flanders, captained by senior cornerback John Flanders, 143-116.

The winning team received Team autographed bowling pins for each member.