Interim Senate study materials available

Oklahomans interested in following the work of Senate interim studies underway this fall now have easier access to materials provided during hearings.  Lists of speakers, power-point presentations and other materials can be found on the State Senate website. 

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman said placing these additional materials on the Internet makes it easier for more citizens to follow interim studies.

“Interim studies give us the opportunity to take more time when studying complex issues than we’d have during the session, and many times these panels produce recommendations for legislation,” said Bingman, R-Sapulpa.  “Now, in addition to the meeting notices, agendas and the streaming audio and video already available, the public can also access all the materials that are presented in each of the study meetings.”

Materials from the interim studies can be viewed or downloaded by going to the official Oklahoma Senate website at  Select the committee tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the link for interim studies to see any materials available.  Documents prepared for the studies will be available online the day of the meeting and will be archived on the website by Senate staff.

The first Senate interim study meeting on the War Veterans Commission and Veterans Centers was held on Tuesday, August 21.  All materials provided at that meeting are now available on the Senate website.  In addition, once the interim study committees have concluded their meetings, any final reports and recommendations will also be made available online.  Anyone wishing to receive notification of upcoming meetings can now sign up for email notices on the Interim Study page of the Senate website.

“Not every citizen or member of the media interested in a particular interim study can travel to the State Capitol and attend these meetings in person.  Coupled with our streaming video, this further opens up the process to give even greater access to the legislative process,” Bingman said.