Against Ken Walker, HD 70

In the Republican Primary Tuesday August 28 for Oklahoma House District 70,  Ken Walker holds no experience of significance for office.  He is passive in personal conversation and often appears dumbstruck.  When he does speak, he agrees with his opponent on matters of substance facing the Legislature.

From campaign materials, Walker has an Associate Degree in “professional cooking,” is a 2004 Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, and he touts unspecific studies at Oral Roberts University, but he has fabricated endorsements in his mailings.

Walker is a salesman for a religious phone book franchise and has been endorsed by the Tulsa Beacon Publisher for whom he has written restaurant reviews.  Walker claims membership at Victory Christian Center.  His web site does not address specific issues of substance anticipated to come before the Oklahoma Legislature.

In debate, Walker says he is “defined” by “taking on the establishment” in a church experience when he was sixteen years old and of going to church “riding a bicycle in spandex.”  He shows the walking stick used when he walked across the country, apparently depending on charity by staying in private homes and visiting churches.  Walker speaks; in glittering generalities of religious nature, of the city trash debate (not a state question), and national issues important to all conservatives, but of no specific Oklahoma policy positions.

Also, as Tulsa Today wrote during the previous primary, Walker fabricated endorsements in this race you can see.  In the photos on the right you can see first the stock image found online then further right is a Walker mailer photo with an endorsement below.  The subjects in the photos never met Ken Walker.  So as an outspoken faith guy, how does Walker reconcile this issue?  He avoids the press or promises to call or doesn’t return repeated calls.