Fleeing failure

Editorial:  Over the past few weeks, it has become undeniably clear that those supposedly in charge of our government: a) are totally unqualified to be in charge; b) have hidden policy agendas that most Americans would call treasonous; c) have instituted policies that have resulted in the deaths of at least one ambassador, two government agents, three embassy staff, hundreds of Mexican citizens, and hundreds of American soldiers in Afghanistan and elsewhere; and d) have brought the nation to the brink of economic and perhaps social collapse. Moreover, they have consistently and repeatedly lied, and attempted to cover up all of it. It has also become despicably clear that those supposedly in charge of our government have no intention of taking responsibility for their actions.

With both Fast and Furious and the disaster in the Middle East, particularly Libya and Egypt, investigations and indictments for at a minimum negligent manslaughter are warranted. However, given the make-up of Congress, especially the Senate, the Injustice Department, and the historically leftist and nearly always inept State Department, I doubt we will see anyone other than a few low-level scapegoats held accountable. Indeed, other than a few of us out here on the “extreme right fringe,” not one serious call has been made for Holder or Clinton to resign, much less for the Marxist Fraud in the White House to be impeached.

Add to this the largely hushed up military debacle that Afghanistan has degenerated into, under the direction of Leon Pinetta at the Surrender Department, and the aforementioned Marxist Fraud. If I recall, this is the only military action that the “winner” of the Nobel Peace Prize thought worthy of pursuing when he was running for the office many believe he usurped. The Ministry of Propaganda, aka the “mainstream” media, has aided and abetted in hiding this growing military disaster, apparently fearful of adding losing a war to the already lo-o-o-o-ng list of Barack Hussein Obama’s failures. News of the death toll of brave American sons and daughters reaching 2000 passed without a whisper. Were it not for the Internet and “alternative” media like talk radio, these heroes would have just been more of B. Hussein’s “bumps in the road.”

It turns out, too, that the pro-Muslim Obama administration has been lying about the military destruction of al Qaeda. With the long overdue look into actual intelligence reports from the Middle East and Muslim ruled countries, we find that not only has Obama failed to defeat al Qaeda, but al Qaeda is alive, active, and has grown and spread itself and its influence into new, hitherto uninfected areas.   

On the economic front, too, failure is the name of the game. The destruction of the American economy was intentional. In spite of their lies and protestations of being defenders of the middle class, a major goal of both Marxism and fascism is the elimination of the middle class and its replacement with a permanent underclass, a lumpen proletariat, dependent on the government for all its needs. From the looting of the treasury to the government take-over of large chunks of the private sector, Saul Alinskyite Marxist Obama and neo-fascists Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi wreaked havoc on the middle class, but, ultimately, failed to destroy it.

Which brings us to the Sock Puppet’s latest failure: his complete and utter defeat in the presidential debate. His absolute inability to function without a script flashing on his teleprompters stunned his self-deluded leftist supporters. One was prompted to suggest that Obozo the Brilliant has become bored with being president, and therefore didn’t even try. Close, but not quite.

Now that Obama is finally being confronted directly with his massive string of failures, he appears to be reacting the way pathological liars and people with a narcissist personality disorder typically do. He is quitting. If he doesn’t try, then he can’t fail. If he backs out, people will shift their focus to the winner, and away from him, and he will never have to take responsibility for the death and destruction that have resulted from his absolute inability to do anything right.

People with mental afflictions like his rarely finish anything. We have seen this throughout Obama’s career. He gave up his law license and never got it back. His community organizer career was short, dumped as soon as his radical, big money contacts created a political career for him. However, he was only in the Illinois Senate for a short time, and did very little of note. He served in the U.S. Senate only 146 days, again producing little of note. And as President of the United States, his record is one half-baked policies leading to destruction and death, and pandering to the enemies of his country.

Let us, then, grant this traitorous fool one last wish, and with a landslide vote, relegate him to the garbage dump of history, to become a forgotten footnote, a bump in the road leading us back to the Shining City on the Hill that we were before he was thrust upon us.