Regular Republicans

Analysis:  Regular Republicans are forming new organizations and ignoring others as was proven dramatically last Saturday at LaFortune Park in Tulsa.  It was a promoter’s worst nightmare – thousands were expected, but at best 60 attended.

Last election cycle Oklahoma voted in all 77 counties for John McCain so Conservative credentials statewide are not in dispute.  What is occurring in Tulsa is an effort by some to hijack the party.

Radical RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) for lack of a better term, are often members of the John Birch Society and Libertarian groups affiliated with Ron Paul’s effort nationally and, if they are honest, they boldly intend to hijack the party.  One even said so during discussions at the 2012 National Republican Convention.  Sad for them; it is not working.

These seriously misguided folk often challenge in the primaries, obsess on fringe media and oppose every local public infrastructure proposal (Vision2) regardless of need.  Bizarre as it may be, some elected Tulsa County Republican Party Officials support their efforts.  More on that in a moment, but check out the photos of the so-called, “Save the Republic Rally” Saturday October 27 posted to the right.

The rally was heavily promoted locally by radio station KFAQ, the Tulsa 9.12 Project, OKforTea; and the Tulsa Beacon.  Why did so few show?  Does anyone listen, read or support those media and groups.  From the photos; organizers would have made a greater impact on the body politic passing out flyers at any shopping center.  Did anyone not invited to speak or work a booth attend?  From the photos, it does not seem so.

According to multiple sources the event was to begin at 10 am at LaFortune Park.

"We want to get Tea Party approved candidates, legislators and grassroots leaders in front of you, the people, the voters," a spokesman was quoted online.  "There will be great music and it is time to put up or shut up. Come out and help us ‘save the republic.’"

Don’t tell these organizers, but they are not the only Tea Party groups in Tulsa or is their media significant come to think about it.

Tulsa County Republican Chairman J.B. Alexander was not invited to speak.  What makes that odd is that Alexander has often sided with the Radical RINOS and Paulettes in disputes at the County, First District, State and National Conventions.  Yes, believe it or not, a delegation dispute went all the way to national from Tulsa this cycle.  However, there is no apparent loyalty in the Radical RINO group as Alexander was not one of the “approved” speakers at the Save the Republic Rally.  

This after Alexander has; 1) Broken Party rules by failing to disclose selected items on a County Committee Meeting Call, 2) Proceeded without a quorum, 3) Failed to follow Roberts Rules of Order as required, 4.) Enabled an improper “censure” vote against two elected County Republican Officials  (not what someone in charge of building party support is supposed to do), 5) Promoted a press release giving credibility to the illegal vote, improper process and party harming censure all in an attempt to oppose a vote of the people on the Vision2 package.

Apparently, there is no loyalty among those that dive hard and low to the rightwing fringe.  

In contrast, April 15th 2009 other Tea Party groups held a rally with AM 740 and FM 102.3 KRMG in the same park.  The picture below shows the crowd of thousands.

Yes, Tulsans are Conservative and willing to rally, but as the current election cycle nears conclusion, those that claim leadership in spirit or organization may not be all that important.  In fact, now we are all leaders as we cast our most important votes.